You Wouldn’t Believe That This Happened During Surgeries


Surgery – a word that causes stress and fear to a patient no matter how serious or less serious the take is. Even though doctors and nurses are doing everything to ensure their patients to relax and trust them, sometimes that is not enough. The following cases are odd, insane, funny and pretty radical. This is what happened during some surgeries.

1 The violinist played on her violin during her own brain surgery

This is surreal, crazy and seems like can only happen in a movie. Violinist Naomi Elishuv gave her surgeons their own private concert as they operated on her brain. Elishuv was a violinist in the Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra, but two decades ago she was diagnosed with essential tremor and was forced to stop playing. On September 9, 2014, Elishuv was operated on at the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center to suppress her tremor symptoms. Surgeons inserted a pacemaker into the affected area of Elishuv’s brain to regulate her tremors through electric impulses.

According to the hospital’s director of functional neurosurgery, Yitzhak Fried, she was asked to play during the procedure because he and other doctors needed Elishuv’s “active participation in real-time” to implant the pacemaker. “When we activated the stimulation in the exact location, we found that the tremor had disappeared, and Elishuv continued to play Mozart with great emotion, but without the tremor or side effects,” said Fried. So amazing!

The violinist played on her violin during her own brain surgery

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