World’s Top 5 Worst Parents


Sometimes moms and dads can annoy the kids with their advices, life lessons, public affection display or simply with their strict rules. But, you have to admit that parents always want the best for their children no matter how they express their love towards them. But, of course every rule has exception so there are parents who are truly doing parenting wrong. Allowing your kids everything in their young age can seriously damage their development in every meaning of the word. Here are some of the world’s worst parents who simply thought they were doing well.

#1. Mother gave her seven-year-old daughter breast implant surgery gift

Of course it wasn’t done on the seven-year old but she has given her a $10,000 voucher for breast augmentation surgery. Sarah Burge, declared herself as a “Human Barbie” and is most famous for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery.
The woman claimed that her seven-year-old daughter begged her to have breast implants once she turns 16. Of course, the woman added that if her woman has naturally big breasts, she can use the check on some other plastic surgery. Besides this, she is also teaching her daughter how to pole dance.

Mother gave her seven-year-old daughter breast implant surgery gift

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#2. Mother returned her adopted son to Russia

Russia threatened to suspend all child adoptions by American families after a seven-year-old boy who was adopted by a woman from Tennessee USA, was sent alone on a one-way flight back to Moscow. The boy came back with a note saying he was violent and had psychological issues. Seven-year-old Artyom Savelyev was put on a plane by his adoptive grandmother. In Tennessee, authorities were investigating the adoptive mother. According to the adoptive mother, the child was mentally unstable, violent and had severe psychopathic issues. The family had paid a man $200 to pick the boy up at the airport in Moscow and take him to the Russian Education and Science Ministry. The adoptive mother said it wasn’t child abandonment because she asked a stewardess to watch Artyom during the flight and a reputable person picked him up in Russia.

Mother returned her adopted son to Russia

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#3. Mother gave Botox to her eight-year-old daughter to make her prettier for a beauty pageant

Southern states in USA are famous for their pageant mothers who do crazy things to their young daughters such as hair waxing, fake tens, tons of makeup etc. A British mother who lived San Francisco, California, injected her eight-year-old daughter with Botox to “get rid of her wrinkles.” The mother was doing that to help her daughter Britney to “keep up” in the insanely competitive world of child beauty pageants. She claimed that her daughter is used to the painful injections of the bacterial botulinum toxin, which can cause terrible side effects, although the little girl did admit that she used to cry the first time her mom injected the Botox in her face. The mother later came out and admitted that the whole story was a hoax, and she was paid by the British tabloid “The Sun” to fake the story. Stories like this are constantly shaking the world, because even though this story may or may not be true, mothers are torturing their kids with completely age inappropriate beautifying methods for the pageants where they can earn big money.

#4. Parents made their daughter have sex and earn them money for their unpaid car

Parents were encouraging their 14-year-old daughter to have sex with a man so that they would not have to make monthly payments on their secondhand minivan. The parents admitted in court that they never abused their daughter but they have encouraged her to have sexual intercourse for money. Both parents pleaded guilty to molestation. They were sentenced to 10 years in prison and 10 years probation. The parents had their daughter do “sexual favors” for Bearden, then manager of Shorty’s Used Cars in Eastman, so they would not have to make their monthly payments of $281 on the 1998 Dodge Caravan they had bought.

Parents made their daughter have sex and earn them money for their unpaid car

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#5. Parents forget their kid at a parking lot

A couple who had a furious fight forgot their 8-month old baby boy in a parking lot after they left the parking separately. It wasn’t until the mother arrived home that she realized that her husband didn’t have the baby either. A man who found the baby in his stroller said that the baby wasn’t strapped at all and that the poor baby was just sitting in the sun on the hot concrete. Police didn’t arrested the parents claiming that it was a mistake.

Parents forget their kid at a parking lot

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