World’s Top 5 Worst Parents

Sometimes moms and dads can annoy the kids with their advices, life lessons, public affection display or simply with their strict rules. But, you have to admit that parents always want the best for their children no matter how they express their love towards them. But, of course every rule has exception so there are parents who are truly doing parenting wrong. Allowing your kids everything in their young age can seriously damage their development in every meaning of the word. Here are some of the world’s worst parents who simply thought they were doing well.

#1. Mother gave her seven-year-old daughter breast implant surgery gift

Of course it wasn’t done on the seven-year old but she has given her a $10,000 voucher for breast augmentation surgery. Sarah Burge, declared herself as a “Human Barbie” and is most famous for spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery.
The woman claimed that her seven-year-old daughter begged her to have breast implants once she turns 16. Of course, the woman added that if her woman has naturally big breasts, she can use the check on some other plastic surgery. Besides this, she is also teaching her daughter how to pole dance.

Mother gave her seven-year-old daughter breast implant surgery gift

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