When You Will See It, You Will Never Sleep Again

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes? No? It doesn’t really matter what your answer is because these photographs are going to make you shut up and stare at them in awe. You may say that they are nothing but a good Photoshop edit. People were faking ghost photos even before Photoshop existed only to gain some attention or sell them to the local newspapers. Well, forget about it – these are real, untouched by professionals or amateurs who like to play games with your eyes. What’s the explanation behind them? – Just plain old ghosts. Here we go.

When You Will See It, You Will Never Sleep Again

Image Source: deviantart.net

1 Woman in pink dress in the Greencastle

No, that is not Lana Del Rey, but a ghost of a woman who happened to be in the room while Guy Winters and his friend were exploring the abandoned O’Hare mansion in Greencastle, Indiana, USA. As it usually goes, the guys were told that the mansion was haunted, and that a ghost scared the hell out of the girlfriend of their friend. So, they decided to check themselves whether these stories were true or not. Guy and his friend Terry decided to take their time investigating the mansion and stayed nearby for a couple of days. Equipped with photo and video cameras the two friends were constantly taking pictures of the castle during day and night time. When Guy took the photo he did not see the woman in pink standing by the window. It wasn’t until he developed the pictures when he saw the ghosts that also appeared on the film negative. They claim they didn’t do anything to the photo and that it is authentic. What you think?

Woman in pink dress in the Greencastle

Image Source: www.images.complex.com

2 Farm ghost

The photo was taken back in 2008 when a guy named Neil was photographing the scenery near the farm Hertfordshire, in England. He meant to show the pictures to a couple that wanted to have their wedding party there, but once he showed the couple the pictures they all were surprised to see a picture where a silhouette of a small glowing creature was lurking in the back. There is further corroboration that this is a real ghost photo. Before the wedding, the couple asked the staff at the farm if they had ever had any paranormal experiences there (the couple didn’t mention the photo that Neil took). Indeed, they admitted that the figure of a young boy, dressed in white night gown, had been seen on several occasions around the barn.

Farm ghost

Image Source: www.leanoticias.com

3 Baby ghost in the cemetery

This one is probably the creepiest of them all. It happened when an Australian woman took a photo of her late daughter’s grave. The girl died when she was 17 in 1945. There was nothing especially weird when the woman took the photo, but when the woman developed the photo she was astonished when she saw a happy baby sitting on top of the grave, looking directly at her camera, which made the woman think that the ghost was very aware of her visiting the grave. Many people were dubious about this photo, believing that the woman made a double photo (with the old cameras it was very possible to take a photo over a photo, especially if the film wasn’t set well). But, the woman claimed that she didn’t make any other photos before nor she was able to recognize the baby. Later in the 1990, an Australian paranormal researcher visited the same graveyard only to discover that nearby the woman’s daughter’s grave there was a grave of two infant girls.

Baby ghost in the cemetery

Image Source: www.webcity.su

4 The bureau with the hand

This is an early 20th Century photo of a Queen Anne style bureau. Nothing about is extra special, but when you will notice the hand on top of it you won’t be able to erase this picture from your brain again. It was taken at the request of a furniture dealer by Montague Cooper, who was well-known and respected photographer of the day. The photographer wasn’t able to explain this photography. Maybe the previous owner wasn’t ready to let go of the bureau.

The bureau with the hand

Image Source: www.media.tumblr.com


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