Unbelievable Discoveries That Are Still Unexplained

With all the advances in science in the last century, we have gained so much confidence that we can do anything that we could not be done in the past. But what! If I tell you that there are still things that remain as mysteries in this world. Mysteries that even science cannot solve. Unbelievable, right? But better believe it.


1 Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Pyramid and the Terracotta Army, China

At the location of this pyramid, it is said that a river of mercury and mini city used to be there. Having been discovered, there was a lot of scientific work done. Recent scientific work at the site has found high levels of mercury in the soil of the said tomb mound. There was also that terracotta army found. Creating an army of sculptures would definitely take a lot of time and patience. So, these Terracotta sculptures are portraying the armies of the first Emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang. It is said that this is a form of funerary art buried with the Emperor in 210–209 BCE and its purpose is to protect the Emperor in his afterlife. The army figures vary according to their roles, having the generals as the tallest and so on. In the figures, warriors, chariots, and horses are also included.

Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s Pyramid and the Terracotta Army, China

Image Source: www.images.nationalgeographic.com


2 Voynich Manuscript

This manuscript has been proven as a very reliable manuscript from the middle ages and believed to be some sort of medical book. It is said that this is a book with consistent script, visible organization, and contains very detailed illustrations. However, this manuscript remains a puzzle for no one has yet succeeded in deciphering it. And because of that, it has become one of the most famous cases in the history of cryptography. It might appear to be a real language but currently, nobody has seen it before. And it might also appear that it means something but nobody seems to know what it is. There is also no consensus on whoever wrote it and what does it mean. So, do you think there will be someone who can finally decipher it?

Voynich Manuscript

Image Source: www.cdn2.sbnation.com


3 Giant Stone Balls, Costa Rica

Found in Costa Rica and a few surrounding areas, these giant stones are scattered everywhere and are locally known as Las Bolas. Honestly, these stones have been shaped and molded to perfection by unknown persons. These giant balls are said to have a smooth texture and are nearly perfectly spherical well. So, being curious about these balls, local decided to blast it hoping to find something inside the balls like gold or other valuable items. But unluckily, they found none. And what’s more is that the purpose of these balls are still unknown despite the fact that these were already there for many years now.

Giant Stone Balls, Costa Rica

Image Source: www.news.bbc.co.uk


4 Cocaine and Tobacco Mummy Residue

Was residues from those drugs really found in the mummies? Apparently, they were. So, how did it get there? Egyptians are fond of creating mummies, especially for their Emperors or Rulers thus making their body preserved until their belief in the afterlife. After having found residues of those drugs in it is a real mystery that no one know how it got there. There was no transoceanic contact between Africa and South America in the ancient times. Or maybe there was? And it disappeared over the centuries. We will probably never know.

Cocaine and Tobacco Mummy Residue

Image Source: www.en.wikipedia.org


5 The Antikythera Mechanism

An ancient and complex locking mechanism was found in a shipwreck near Greece. It dated back to 100 BC and consisted of a combination of gears unlike any device found within a span of 1000 years. Scientists are yet to decipher the machine that could possibly be a device to read astronomical positions.
Research on the device found that it was invented in Sicily but that’s all is known about it. The weirdest fact is that during the time it was invented, the study of heavenly bodies and gravity was yet to be known.

The Antikythera Mechanism

Image Source: www.sciencealert.com


6 The Gate of the Sun Bolivia

The Gate of the sun located near Lake Titicaca in La Paz, Bolivia at approximately 12500 feet above sea level is a mysterious object that scientists are yet to shed light upon. It was discovered by European explorers in the 19th century and is a megalith stone arch gateway with strange carvings on it that are yet to be deciphered.

It was believed to have been constructed during the Tiwanaku culture of Bolivia. The carvings are assumed to be astronomical and astrological signs and could have served as a star chart or calendar of sorts.

The Gate of the Sun Bolivia

Image Source: www.thebeautyoftravel.com

7 The Baigong Pipes in China

In a sparsely populated region of Qinghai Province of China, there are three mysterious triangular openings on the top of what is called the White Mountain. Also called the Delingha caves, there are hundreds of rusty iron pipe like structures that seem to go into the salt lake Toson nearby. Inside the lake, one can also find similar pipes and even more running along the shore.


The pipes make distinct patterns and archaeologists have dated the pipes back to a time when people were still learning how to cook. What’s most mysterious is the fact that though they were believed to be of metal, Chinese scientists found them to contain organic matter of plant origin. A report in 2007 by a researcher even found the pipes to be highly radioactive.

Baigong Pipes in China

Image Source: www.perdurabo10.net

8 Saksaywaman Walls, Peru

On the outskirts of Cusco City in Peru lies a walled complex called Saksasywaman which is incredible for its large dry stone walls made from boulders that just fit together without any mortar. Some of the stones used to construct the walls weigh 200 tonnes and are among the largest found in any prehispanic structure found in America. The precision of the interlocking shapes have dumbfounded scientists for decades.


Saksaywaman Walls, Peru

Image Source: www.nakedeyetravel.com

9 The London Hammer

The London Hammer was an iron and wood hammer discovered in Texas in 1936. It was found to be extremely old so much so its handle had turned to coal which usually takes millions of years to form. The biggest question arising from the controversial London hammer was how come a man-made tool was encased in a million-year-old rock. The Creationist Carl Baugh purchased the hammer presuming it to be a tool dating back to the pre-flood era. It is now an exhibit in his Baugh Museum.

The London Hammer

Image Source: www.paleo.cc

10 Mohenjo-Daro

Mohenjo Daro was home to the lost Indus valley civilization that possessed knowledge and technology unknown to humans of the times. This was proved by the discovery of several artifacts and relics proving how the civilization was ahead of its time.

The civilization flourished around 3000 BC on the banks of the Indus and Saraswati in modern-day Pakistan. Excavations at the site revealed well, canal and drainage systems that weren’t even found used in Egypt at the time. The 5000-year-old discovery was the greatest in the archaeological world yet archaeologists are yet to explain how the civilization slowly vanished without a trace.


Image Source: www.intoday.in

11 The Hidden Character Stone

Located in Zhangbu, China, this incredible carving has been found to be almost 270 million years old and belonging to the Permian period. There is no evidence that the characters on the stone were made by humans.

What is weird about the Character Stone is that the inscription has been translated as saying “Communist Party of China perishes”.

 The Hidden Character Stone

Image Source: www.lititup.net

12 The Baghdad Batteries

This remarkable discovery was found as a set of three artifacts that consisted of a ceramic pot, a cylindrical tube made from a copper sheet and a rod made of iron. Discovered in Iraq, it dated back to the era of the Parthian and Sasanian empires existing between 150BC -650Ad.

The biggest mystery was how an object resembling a battery in structure existed in such a period which never really had use for batteries. It was presumed to be used for electroplating although no electroplated object was ever discovered from those times.

 The Baghdad Batteries

Image Source: www.batterycompany.co.uk

13The unfinished obelisk

The unfinished obelisk was one of the most spectacular discoveries in the quarries found near the Aswan dam in Egypt. Called the unfinished obelisk, it was found to be larger than any other obelisk in Egypt and was ordered by the second female pharaoh Hatshepsut in around 1508 BC. The amazing thing about the obelisk is that it was still attached to the bedrock from which it was being carved.

It seems it was abandoned because of cracks appearing in the granite and the object measures a good 137 feet in length. Its weight was estimated to be 1090 tons.

The unfinished obelisk

Image Source: www.gobytur.com.br


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