Top 8 World’s Largest Objects


The authors of the following exquisitely large objects simply wanted to beat world records or get attention from curious people. Whether for artistic reasons or simply because they wanted to push their own limits, the creators of the world’s largest objects reached their goal. We are not quite sure why would you need a gigantic pencil or a human size bottle of wine, but we know that they are fun and slightly unpractical.

#1. World’s largest book

The award for largest published book goes to an author and scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Michael Hawley. Yes, he actually published this monster book. The 60 kilo book is 152 by 213 cm, has 112 pages, and almost 4 liters of ink were used for its printing. The entire cost for “Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey across the Kingdom” was 2000 dollars. Well, for sure you can’t carry it anywhere with you, or if you really must, you would certainly need some help to do it.

World’s largest book

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