Top 6 Scariest Dolls

Creepy and strange looking dolls were always reserved for horror movies where they were frightening the main character, murdering people or were simply showing up out of nowhere. Well, not any more. It turned out that there are people who would buy these kinds of toys, if not for their kids, for their costume parties or simply for fun and decoration. But, even though it’s hard to think that anyone would actually want something scary like these Scariest dolls, you have to admit that they were really realistic made.

#1. Marybel

In 1959, Marybel was presented on the American doll market as the doll with broken leg (also expressly termed The Doll That Gets Well). Marybel came with her very own medical supplies: crutches, bandages, casts, gauzes and adhesive tape. Even though this can give some really bad ideas to kids, probably the designer wanted to help little girls who had broken legs to feel better if they had a doll with a similar condition as theirs. Still, that fact doesn’t make this doll less creepy.


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