Top 6 Scariest Dolls


Creepy and strange looking dolls were always reserved for horror movies where they were frightening the main character, murdering people or were simply showing up out of nowhere. Well, not any more. It turned out that there are people who would buy these kinds of toys, if not for their kids, for their costume parties or simply for fun and decoration. But, even though it’s hard to think that anyone would actually want something scary like these Scariest dolls, you have to admit that they were really realistic made.

#1. Marybel

In 1959, Marybel was presented on the American doll market as the doll with broken leg (also expressly termed The Doll That Gets Well). Marybel came with her very own medical supplies: crutches, bandages, casts, gauzes and adhesive tape. Even though this can give some really bad ideas to kids, probably the designer wanted to help little girls who had broken legs to feel better if they had a doll with a similar condition as theirs. Still, that fact doesn’t make this doll less creepy.


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#2. Little Miss No Name

Even her “name” would send you shiver down your spine. In 1965 Hasbro created a non-traditional doll that was supposed to win little girls’ hearts. The company wanted to make a complete opposite of the rich Barbie who had car and a beach house, lovely boyfriend and tones of fancy clothes, so they created this poor doll who had rags instead of clothes and an extended hand like she was begging for money. Winning little girls’ hearts? Kind of bad idea, don’t you think? Yes, she looks like a beggar, but like one who would murder you any minute.

Little Miss No Name

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#3. Cecilia

She is a ghost doll so her looks is kind of suitable. Her big white eyes with black tears, white hair and ash looking skin make her look like she just got out of her grave. Cecilia was created by the artist Shain Erin who uses dolls as an art medium. He makes creepy dolls as zombies, ghosts, mummies, skeletons, and monsters. The best thing about his art is that people like them and many of the dolls that were shown in his gallery were sold. People who are buying his dolls are using them during Halloween when creepy dolls are a must. This one on the picture isn’t that much scary, right? Right?


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#4. Premature baby

Now, who in their right mind would want a premature baby doll? It was designed to look like a terribly ill premature baby wired up to breathing tubes. The way it was made is really astonishing – you would certainly be confused once you see it because of the impeccably realistic lines and shape of the baby doll. It was created because the manufacturers thought it might be very helpful to parents of sick newborns through their grieving process. They say that some parents are buying the doll just to remember the baby in their family that passed away.

Premature baby

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#5. Norman and Marion

Have you seen the film Psycho? Did you ever wanted to own dolls like the characters from that creepy film? No matter what you answer is, these dolls exist and cost 62 dollars each. If any famous character from the films can get it own figurine why not the psycho killer and his victim who died in a painful death after was stabbed in the shower. They are pretty much well sold and are mostly bought from creepy dolls collectors.

Norman and Marion

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#6. Twilight dolls

It all started with the vampire movies seven years ago about the handsome vampire who fell in love with a mortal girl. People either love this movie or think it is the worst love story ever. But, one thing is for sure – the merchandise that is sold (posters, clothes, makeup, character figurines and what not) is bringing the producers and the author so much money it is almost unbelievable. In the end of the series (film 5) Edward Cullen and vampire turned Bella Swan are getting their first semi-mortal semi-vampire baby Renesme. Now, the fans can actually get themselves a creepy vampire baby doll with fangs and scary red eyes for 650 dollars.

Twilight dolls

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