Top 6 People Who had Crazy Surgeries


No, these people didn’t have in mind improving their flaws or simply getting a plastic surgery to make themselves feel better. These people wanted to have a complete makeover in order look like someone else. Mostly unsatisfied with the way they looked and very much obsessed with their celebrity idols, the people in this list spent a lot of money in order to get the wanted look. What they accomplished with that? Well they sure are known as the copy of this or that celebrity.

#1. 16 surgeries for original Superman look

This Filipino man simply wanted to look exactly like Superman, but he didn’t do it the way Clark Kent did with a phone booth to become the superhero. Herbert Chavez went on nineteen cosmetic surgery, and spent over 300,000 pesos and 16 years to turn himself into a real-life Clark Kent. You have to admit, he really does look like Superman.

16 surgeries for original Superman look

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