Top 5 World Mysteries


There is something very thrilling in the mysterious stories that make those who hear them want to know more about it. The fact that something explainable was happening and that no man could ever give answers are creating a cloud of doubt around them. Usually there is some logical explanation but the legend about certain mysterious happening or death for example will continue to be told from person to person in that scary and weird tone.
There are many books and television shows about this topic – murders, paranormal activity, aliens, people who live forever… And they give the viewer or the reader goose bumps, so the wanted effect of the media is absolutely reached. Still, the world has some mysteries that will remain unsolved for some time, while others were fake or have some seriously good explanations.

#1. Pyramid Power

If you have ever been to Egypt then you probably had that tourist sightseeing that can’t avoid the pyramids in Giza. Everybody loves the stories about the perfection that are the pharaoh pyramids and the way they were built. But, some Egyptian tour guides would tell you one thing and that is about the “curse of the pyramids”. Some of them would simply refuse to take their group inside the pyramids. Reasons are many – everybody that had entered the pyramids was cursed after wards. Also, there is a terrible wind and earth gases that can actually suffocate if you go very deep. But there is a very interesting story – if you take inside a dull object it would get sharp as you go inside. A Czech radio engineer claimed to conduct an experiment in which he placed a brand new razor blade inside a 1:1,000 scale model of Cheops. He aligned his pyramid on a north-south axis exactly like the real thing. After getting 50 shaves from the razor, he was forced to conclude that it was only getting sharper from being inside the pyramid. It took him 10 years to obtain a patent for this device, which he claims still has no scientific explanation today.

Pyramid Power

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