Top 20 Weird Facts You Didn’t Know


Just when you think you know everything, interesting and weird facts will blow your mind. For instance, did you know that there’s an opera house on the U.S.–Canada border where the stage is in one country and half the audience is in another. Keep reading to find out some more interesting and unknown facts. Also did you know that about 75% of people who are reading weird facts about their bodies (like the one that you cannot lick your elbow) are actually checking on themselves?

The following list contains some interesting and Weird Facts You Didn’t Know

#1. Polar bear liver

If you eat the liver of a polar bear it can seriously harm your health and you will probably die, because people can’t handle the amount of vitamin A in it.

Polar bear liver
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#2. Greek anthem

The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. One hundred and fifty eight. Can you believe it? It is hard to believe that there are Greeks who cared to memorize one hundred and fifty eight verses.

Greek anthem
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#3. Honey

The only product that doesn’t spoil is honey. Literally nothing will happen to you if you taste honey that is old for a year, two or even three thousand years old. Historians who were researching the pyramids in Egypt were often coming to mummified jars with honey. None of them was spoiled and it was considered that this food would be useful for the pharaoh’s afterlife.

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#4. Human atoms

If every atom is removed from every human being on the planet, then the entire Earth population could fit in an apple. Scary yet funny in the same time

Human atoms
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#5. Blindness

Blind people don’t see blackness. They see absolutely nothing. Of course, it is hard for a blind person to explain what they see if they were born blind, but people who got blind (and once were able to see) described that all they “see” is nothing. No colors, no objects, just pure nothing.

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#6. Black hair

You could not possibly have black hair unless you are an Asian. Every person in this world, who has a dark hair and is not born Asian, only has very dark brown colored hair.

Black hair
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#7. Brain

The brain named itself. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

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#8. African tribe Matami

There is an African tribe called Matami that plays their own version of football. Instead of a ball they use a human skull. It is creepy though, but this tradition goes on for a long time. These people (consider the fact that they lived in a secluded conditions) used human skulls that were rolling as good as a ball, long before they knew how the civilized people were playing the game.

African tribe Matami
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#9. Numbers

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 Go ahead, check on your calculator.

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#10. Online dating

About 35% of people who use online dating websites are already married. So, be careful. There are many proven cases of men and women who were engaged in any sort of communication or love affairs with people they had no idea were married. Some of these married people lied about their past and led double lives. Some of them even got married with their online dates.

Online dating
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#11. Crows

A flock of crows is known as murder. Not only these birds look creepy and are associated with death, now this.

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#12. Kangaroos

They can’t hop if they didn’t have their long and strong tails. So you wrap the animal’s tail around it, they won’t be able to jump at all.

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#13. Body liquids

During their life time, people produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools. Amazing and gross in the same time.

Body liquids
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#14. Snoring

People who snore don’t dream. That’s why when you tell someone that they snore; they would refuse the fact, telling you that they don’t sleep in fact.

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#15. Hitler

He would have never been born had the doctor convinced his mother, Klara Hitler to have her baby.

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#16. King Henri VII

The King slept with a huge axe near him. He was so paranoid that someone might have harmed him while he slept; he had to be sure he had a good weapon.

King Henri VII
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#17. Banned social networks in China

The country has banned most social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Skype.

Banned social networks in China
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#18. Sneezing

Every time you sneeze, we kill a few brain cells.

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#19. Giraffes

These animals clean their ears with their long tongues.

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#20. Chicken

They are the only birds that can’t fly, but the longest record of a chicken flight is whole 13 seconds.

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