These Incidents seems like bizarre but are actually true


We usually lead normal lives, but occasionally we come across something so far-fetched that it seems a blatant lie; however, there are instances where it could actually have happened. The six stories below are such events from around the world.

1 Respectable Bees

Margaret Bell was a beekeeper from Ludlow, Shropshire (England), who passed away in June 1994. She kept her bees about seven miles from her home. Just after her funeral, grievers were met with the amazing sight of hundreds of bees settling on the street corner opposite the house she lived in for 26 years. The bees paid their last respects and buzzed away over the rooftops after about an hour.

Respectable Bees

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2 Phantom Car Crash

December 11, 2002, two motorists informed the police that they had seen a car swerving off the A3 with headlights glowing in Surrey, England. After a careful search, the car was discovered hidden in dense under brush with the corpse of a driver who had been long dead by then. Further investigation revealed that the particular crash had occurred five months earlier, around the time the driver, Christopher Chandler, was reported missing.

Phantom Car Crash

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3 Balloon Buddies

During her grandparents’ gold wedding anniversary celebrations, little Laura Buxton let go of a helium filled balloon, to which was attached a note with her name and address, asking the finder to write back. The balloon, released at Blurton, Staffordshire, received a reply ten days later. The finder was also a Laura Buxton, who lived 140 miles away in Pewsey, Wiltshire. As if that wasn’t creepy enough, both girls were aged 10, had a guinea pig, a rabbit and a three-year-old black Labrador each.

Balloon Buddies

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4 Whirlwind Children

In July 1992, in Song jiang, near Shanghai, a nine-year-old girl was playing when a whirlwind carried her off and deposited her unhurt on top of a tree that was almost two miles away. This bears resemblance to a reported incident from the oasis of Hami in Western China in 1986, where a freak wind had lifted up thirteen children and deposited them unharmed in sand dunes over 12 miles away.

Whirlwind Children

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5 Boulders in Trees

April 1997, in Yellow wood State Forest, Indiana, a turkey hunter came across an oak tree with a massive sandstone boulder stuck between three branches, at least 35 feet above the ground. The rock was shaped like an arrow,estimated to weighabout 500lb. Afterwards, four more similar boulders were discovered high up in trees in other remote areas of the forest. The trees did not have any signs of damage, and there was no evidence to show heavy equipment usage or tornado damage around the area.There was no recollection of any accidents involving dynamite close by.

Boulders in Trees

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6 Postcard Farewell

At the time Jim Wilson’s father passed away in April 1967, in Natal, South Africa, Jim was living in England and his sister Murielin Holland. Muriel immediately contacted her husband, who was in Portugal on business, and he made his way to South Africa without ado. During a layover at Las Palmas airport, Canary Islands, he posted Muriel a postcard picturing tourists on Margate Beach, Natal. Upon receiving the card and inspecting it closely, she realized that the photograph featured on the postcard was her father walking up the beach.

Postcard Farewell

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