These are the Weirdest Things that People were selling


When you need money and you are desperate you will sell whatever you have, like your hair, internal organs. Sometimes you might even trade them for a gadget. One thing is for sure – the following stories are bizarre and even capricious. Would you sell your kidney in order to buy an iPad?

1 The Chinese student who sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad

Five people were charged with intentional injury to a Chinese teenager who was so desperate to buy an iPad and an iPhone that he sold his kidney for just over $3,300.

The surgeon who removed a kidney from a 17-year-old boy in return for around 22,000 Yuan, (or $3,300) was arrested and the prosecutors in Chenzhou City, Hunan province, said that one of the defendants received the money to arrange the transplant. He paid the teenager only 22,000 Yuan, then split the rest with the surgeon, the three other defendants, and other medical staff.


Following the surgery in 2011, the seventeen-year old bought an iPhone and an iPad. When his mother quizzed him on how he funded the sought-after goods, he admitted to selling a kidney.

The Chinese student who sold his kidney in order to buy an iPad

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