The Most Unusual Slippers you could wear

Comfort and softness isn’t what inspired the designers of these flip flops and slippers. The great thing about them is that they are fun and that you can actually buy them for fun, unless you actually want to walk around wearing flip flops that leave paw prints or to have real keyboards attached on your feet.

1 Ashiato Flip-flops

These slippers or flip flops were inspired by the traditional Japanese footwear. The only big difference with these shoes is that they have paw prints on the bottom, allowing the one who wears them to leave paw marks as they walk. The Ashiato beach sandals come in four sizes, five colors: pink, blue, yellow, orange, green – and five different animal foot prints – monkey, cat, owl, gecko and dinosaur. The fun flip-flops with paw prints are easily purchased online.

Ashiato Flip-flops

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