24-Year-Old Tattoo Addict Model Shares Photo Revealing How She Looked Before Inking

There are some people in this world who have little weird obsessions, for example there are few girls in the world who want to look like a Barbie doll or any other cartoon character and for this purpose they don’t mind undergoing plastic surgery or other treatments. These people spend a huge amount of money on these procedures and sometimes these procedures are painful and risky as well.


Today we are going to tell you about a young girl who is obsessed with tattoos and her body is completely covered with tattoos.

1Meet Amber Luke

She is Amber Luke, a 24-year old model who is from New South Wales, Australia. She has around 200 tattoos on her body while her face is covered with calligraphy. Her eyes have been inked with bright blue color and she has also done dermal piercings also.


The girl who has more than 97k followers on Instagram has undergone the painful procedure of tongue splitting and has also got her earlobe stretched. She has been nicknamed as Blue-Eyes White Dragon because of her tattooed looks and her blue eyes.

Meet Amber Luke

Image Source: mirror.co.uk


2How she used to look before tattoos?

Some time back Amber posted a photo which showed how she used to look when she didn’t have a tattoo. In this photo, she is seen in a baby blue prom gown and her hair are completely different as they are blonde and not blue just like the present scenario.

In the photo, her mom is also seen posing with her as she is hugging her mom. While her nails looked delicate, she radiates with a beautiful smile wearing the silver jewelry. There is no denying the fact that she looks completely different from what she is now and it is even difficult to believe that she is Amber Luke.

How she used to look before tattoos

Image Source: milimaj.com

3How much she has spent till now?

Amber has gone for some other procedures as well such as pointed implants which have been placed inside her ears, her cheeks and lips got filled and she has also undergone the boob job procedure. It is being said that she has spent around £20,000 on body art and the procedures.

How much she has spent till now

Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

4Her eye job

As per Amber, the most painful and most risky procedure that she has undergone is the eyeball job which was of around 40 minutes and it completely transformed her eyes. She said that she can’t even explain how did she felt when the ink went inside her eyeball as it was just like rubbing 10 broken pieces of glass in her eye.

Her eye job

Image Source: www.thesun.ie


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