Some of the Scariest Real Haunted Houses in the World


Some of the most terrifying places across the world include such historical landmarks as the White house with many staff and visitors claiming to see visions of ghosts roaming down these winding halls. England is home to one of the most haunted locations in the world. Would you dare to spend an overnight visit in one of these locations?

1 White House Home of Many Presidential Ghosts

In addition to its extensive history, the White House also has some hidden supernatural happenings that add quite a twist to the home of our past and future presidents. Several staff and visitors have seen such greats as Abraham Lincoln and John Adams. On one occasion, Prime Minister Winston Churchill had such an eerie experience that he refused to spend another overnight visit in the White House. Look at this picture of Bill Clinton. Do you think the aging has to do more with seeing some unexplained phenomena?

White House Home of Many Presidential Ghosts

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