14 Famous And Popular Paintings That Are Hiding A Different Painting Under A Layer Of Paint

There are many artists that have inspired generations of painters to follow their dreams. From Vincent van Gogh to Leonardo da Vinci, there are a ton of influential painters who paved the way for young artists to paint their dreams on canvas.


We think that painting is quite an easy job. You just paint your imagination on a canvas and what we see is what the artist wanted. But the truth is that there are many famous paintings that have recently been discovered to hold another painting underneath them. This is done either by a really creative artist or one who didn’t want a canvas to go to waste.

1Raffaello Sanzio

‘Young Woman with Unicorn’ is the name of the painting by Raffaello Sanzio. The original painting is of a woman that looks to be inspired by the ‘Mona Lisa’. It was painted in 1506 but when it was being restored in 1935-36, a very small yet important detail was uncovered. In the woman’s hand was a unicorn which was painted over. It has been believed that Raffaello made the changes but it is not known why.

Raffaello Sanzio

Image Source: www.botasot.info

2Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn

‘An Old Man in Military Costume’ is one of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn’s best-known works of art. He like many other artists of his time was known for drawing his paintings over existing ones. In 1968 while restoring his ‘An Old Man in Military Costume’, scientists found another image underneath it. Thanks to technology in 2015, they were able to say it could’ve been an image of his father.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon Van Rijn

Image Source: www.botasot.info

3Kazimir Malevich

‘The Black Square’ is a painting by Kazimir Malevich and there are four variants of the painting. Thanks to our modern technology we were able to look under the image to find more than one hidden images. There are different styles of paintings here – from Cubo-Futurism to proto-Suprematism – which many have decided was the artist’s direction change.

Kazimir Malevich

Image Source: smalljoys.me

4René Magritte

‘The Enchanted Pose’ was a famous painting by René Magritte that was never seen after the early 20th century and was believed to be destroyed. After intensive searching in 2017, they found the image hidden under different paintings. They could not restore the original image without destroying the ones they were under so they restored it digitally.

René Magritte

Image Source: www.campusrock.sg

5Jean-François Millet

Salvador Dali was the man who discovered the mystery of this painting as it never satisfied him. He said that no matter how many times he drew the figures he could never understand why they were so sad. When Dali asked experts to study the painting they found a hidden layer underneath. The two figures were standing upon a dead child in their field. The painting was originally called ‘Funeral of a child in the Field’ but was renamed to help get sold.

Jean-François Millet

Image Source: telegrafi.com


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