Everyone dream about treasures but what if its a curse

Speaking of easy money, we always think about finding a treasure. But what if the treasure leads to doom? These are the few ones that did.


1 Treasure of cahuenga pass

If there’s any list of the treasures responsible for the most number of human deaths, Cahuenga pass would surely top the list.Cahuenga pass located near Los Angeles has the history that dates back as far as the 19th century. The latest life claimed by it was oil expert Henry Jones who committed suicide after failing to dig up the treasure.

Treasure of cahuenga pass

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2 The ‘Thrice Cursed’ Island

The Charles Island located near Milford, Connecticut is said to be cursed not once but thrice. The whole island doesn’t have any buildings withstanding for a longer span. It is said to be the home for treasure of pirate Captain Kidd and King Guatmozin. Two treasure hunters found a chest in 19th century but were greeted by burning skulls. People often report mysterious sounds and lights emanating the island.

The ‘Thrice Cursed’ Island

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3 Money Pit Curse

Two teenagers found some strange lights on Oak Island and investigation led them to a pit which had a stone saying “Forty feet below Two Million Pounds are buried”. Many have tried to find the treasure including U.S. President Delano Roosevelt but in vain. According to the tale, before the treasure could be found, 7 people must be dead finding it. The current tally is 6.

Money Pit Curse

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4 Sacred Mounts of Arizona

Living among the Gold Rich Mountains of Arizona, many Apache tribes kept themselves from searching for it by their own legends about vengeful god of thunder. Later a few treasure hunters were successful in their endeavor but later they went missing. None of them returned from the valley. The most recent death recorded is Jesse Capen in 2009.

Sacred Mounts of Arizona

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5 Room of Lost Treasure

Amber Room, which was a gift to Peterthe Great in account of peace between Russia and Prussia, went missing after Second World War. When the Nazis took its charge, they displayed it as a museum in 1943, but after that everyone connected to the room started to die mysteriously. The Curator along with his wife, Russian General Gustav, and most prominent Amber Room hunter, George Stein, died horrific deaths.

Room of Lost Treasure

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6 Koh-I-Noor Curse

Koh-I-Noor is one of the oldest and biggest diamonds. Notwithstanding, it carries its misfortune with it. According to Hindu texts “Only God, or a Woman, can wear it with impunity”. Many male owners were perished throughout the history including Iran’s Emperor Nadir Shah. The Jewel is on exhibition in Tower of London.

Koh-I-Noor Curse

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7 The Lost Ark

The Ark which is said to have containing the Ten Commandments to Moses given by God is said to have great powers. It was made famous by the Hollywood movie Raiders of the lost ark. It is said to have great powers but in wrong hands, it can bring the worst misfortune. The current whereabouts of the ark is unknown but it is said that whoever touches the ark shall die.

The Lost Ark

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8 Tomb of the Emperor

Quin Shi Huang, died on Sept. 10, 210 B.C. With him, hundreds of soldiers, terra cotta army, jewels and diamonds were excavated. The site is bigger than the great pyramid. But no one has the guts to dig into his mausoleum. Because it is believed that many booby traps are protecting the treasure. Moreover, a river of Mercury is said to be surrounding the tomb, which can toxicate the intruders.

Tomb of the Emperor

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