Creepy things your body does behind your back while you are sleeping.


Sleeping is an activity that everyone practice, men like animals. Some sleep for four hours, others eight, and others more. By day or night, it doesn’t matter.

However, It’s not because your mind is asleep, that your body is totally inactive, quite the contrary. Here are 10 secrets that your mind has always hidden from you and that happens behind your back while you sleep!

1 Sleeping helps to lose weight

During our sleep, our body sets up many processes to eliminate all unnecessary substances in our body. People who do not get enough sleep have a body that is forced to accept certain substances in the body, which can cause swelling or even weight gain. In addition, the more we sleep, the less time we have to eat!

Sleeping helps to lose weight

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2 During the night, children secrete growth hormones

It is particularly at night that children secrete hormones that allow them to grow bones and muscles. Adults also regenerate their tissues; another good reason to sleep well.

During the night, children secrete growth hormones

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3 At night, the brain recovers

The brain is very active during the night.It summarizes and organizes the new ideas it received during the day; it eliminates toxins and all he does not need through the lymphatic system and optimizes the protein it needs and protects against diseases like Alzheimer.

At night, the brain recovers

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4 We grow at night

At night, we can win several millimeters because our spine is at rest and lying. The problem is that as soon as we wake up the next day, we find our normal size … Too bad!

We grow at night

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5 At night, the eyes move in all directions

Well, obviously this can’t be seen as our eyelids remain closed (normally). But during our sleep, the eyes are very active. According to researchers, this is related to the big brain activity that occurs during the night. Our eyes would move when we classify our memories of the day.

 At night, the eyes move in all directions

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6 At night, intense sexual arousal

At night, men and also women experience short periods of sexual excitement. Because blood is in need of some fresh air, it can cause for men uncontrolled erections. For women, hormone secretion can cause erotic dreams and sensations of desire.

At night, intense sexual arousal

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7 At night, we talk loudly

It already happened to you. You fall asleep with your lover or with a friend, and one of you falls asleep during the conversation and continues to talk, but he says things that don’t make any sense! The problem is that these are often things that we forget upon waking.

Well have you even heard a cat meowing in his sleep?

At night, we talk loudly

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8 Teeth squeaking

Bruxism (grinding teeth) is a phenomenon that can happen at night. This is often due either to a stress, or misalignment of the jaws. This can cause intense pain in the jaw but also teeth problems.

Teeth squeaking

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9 Sleep paralysis

Everyone has already experienced that moment when, in the middle of a nightmare, you realize that you are having a bad dream, but you cannot do anything.You cannot wake up despite the fear that grips you. Until finally, an event in the nightmare wakes you up for good. This is called sleep paralysis. It generally occurs in the deeper stages of sleep (REM, rapid eyes movements). And often we need a really bad nightmare to realizing it…

Sleep paralysis

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10 The sensation of falling

This is surely the strangest phenomenon during sleep. It usually takes place when you are just about to fall asleep. Finally you start drifting off to sleep when suddenly a feeling surprises you and brings you back to reality. This strange moment is not serious at all, everyone go through it more or less often. This is called the hypnotic pulse. The body prepares for the change of state (waking, sleeping) and sometimes, the body functions slow down to such point that the brain believes that a fail in your body will occur, and it sends a signal that wakes you up, that’s all!

The sensation of falling

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