14 Bizarre Things You Will Only See in China and No!! It Isn’t Just the Virus

While governments and political personalities need to remain diplomatic, for the common man, China is definitely the least loved country now. There can only be one reason as we all know and that’s the coronavirus. In the last 8 months, the whole world has known about China and Wuhan for obvious reasons. Covid has also taught us the Chinese way of life and their eating habits especially are very different than most Asian countries too. But if you thought that was bizarre, now that China is in the limelight, why not show you 14 more weird Chinese practices which would shock any foreigner visiting the country. But in China, it’s perfectly normal and for the local populace, it’s no big deal. Here are:


1Whole sharks and crocodiles for sale at Walmart

Yes, you read that right, a whole huge shark or crocodile would be nicely put on display in Walmart in the fish department. Although people do buy pieces of the fish obviously but the shop owners have no qualms in displaying the whole beast with sometimes their mouths gaping open! Yes, when in China, do not take your small kids for fish shopping if you don’t want them to be scarred for life.

Whole sharks and crocodiles

Image Source: ytimg.com


2Police dogs replaced with geese

In some part of China for some inexplicable reasons the police department use geese instead of dogs for police work. Well according to the policemen the geese have excellent vision and are very aggressive when it comes to action time. Well if the police say so maybe it’s true after all anything is possible in China.

Police dogs replaced with geese

Image Source: stan.kz


3Live crabs sold in vending machines

Some Chinese cities have vending machines, so what is new about that? Well, have you seen a vending machine with LIVE crabs being sold? Yes, that’s new for everyone who is not a native. This is not only risky; it is scary and bizarre. These live crabs are kept in plastic containers in constant 5-degree temperatures to keep them “Fresh” for their customers.

Live crabs sold in vending machines

Image Source: oreore.red


4Traffic jam stand-ins

If you are stuck in a traffic jam there is no way you are going to reach your office in time in your own car. An ingenious system had been created which can be found in China. You can call a Traffic jam service in which 2 men on a bike will come to your rescue. One will take care of your car and reach it to the destination when the jam clears while the other will take you to your destination whether it’s your home or office well on time. So, road jams can never be an excuse for getting delayed at work.

Traffic jam stand-ins

Image Source: zhimg.com


5Teabucks: a copycat of Starbucks

Yes, you again read it right…its Tea bucks in China named after a great American coffee chain Starbucks. It is a well-known Chinese chain which sells. Tea! That’s not all, they also serve hot or cold refreshments along with your tea just like you get in Starbucks.

Teabucks: a copycat of Starbucks

Image Source: kn3.net


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