After this you will definitely check for monsters under your bed


All of us at least once in our childhoods check under the bed to see if there was something or someone. But once we grow up we kind of forget to do this, although probably we should. Perhaps after reading for the following crazy cases of weird things found under beds, you will not hesitate to do it.

1 Decomposed body found under a bed in a motel room

This probably sounds like a scene from Quentin Tarantino’s movie, but no, this was an actual situation. About ten years ago the motel staff in Kansas City, found a decomposing body under the mattress. You can only imagine the horror. Local news station reported that police said that the man appeared to have been dead for some time (long enough to start decomposing), but the body went unnoticed until a guest who stayed in the motel reported unbearable smell. The motel’s cleaning staff lifted up the mattress in the room and found the body and suspected that the wooden panels on the side of the bed prevented someone from discovering it earlier.

Decomposed body found under a bed in a motel room

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