5 Ghost accounts that’ll give you the chills

If you’re one of those people who love hearing scary stories and watching scary videos, here’s a brief account of a few of the scariest stories I’ve come across and which scared me out of my wits. I feel sorry for the people who experienced these. May you find your peace!


1 Who is that on my bed?

Rebecca from Northern Ireland has had a creepy experience at her house, which was constructed above an earlier cemetery. One particular night, as she lay on her bed, she sensed someone sit at the foot of her bed. She felt a hand being placed slowly on her foot. She turned, and it vanished. Other strange happenings included banging doors, children laughing, figures in the doorways, chilling footsteps and a sense that someone was watching her.

Who is that on my bed?

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2 The children at the hotel

Katie from East Lothian, accounted an eerie experience at a Georgian styled hotel. One night while sleeping, she woke up when she felt someone stroking her hair. Thinking it was her mother, she asked if it was her but her mom refused. Later, she noticed her mom looking at the mirror and her face suddenly turning pale. Afterwards, when she went to take a shower, she noticed a kid (a boy, about twelve) duck behind the door. When she described him to her mother, she said it was him that she saw in the mirror earlier. Later when she went to get her phone which lay on top of the wardrobe, she felt something collide with her and she fell off her chair and suddenly a hand stroked her hair. She fled out of her room. At night, while she slept, someone stroked her hair again and said, “I’m sorry”. Later, the sound of the door banging and children laughing woke her brother up at night. After enquiring at the reception, they found out there weren’t any children at the hotel at the time but found out that the hotel was previously an orphanage.

The children at the hotel

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3 The ghost who visits in the morning

One morning in Cornwall, at 7 am, when Caz Bray was lying on his bed, he heard someone coming up the stairs and his heart started thumping. He thought someone had broken into his house. He heard the footsteps approach his room and come in and he sensed someone sit down on his bed. Sensing that it was a spirit, he started sweating profusely. He said, “Please go now”, and felt the presence get up from his bed and leave and the door creaked a little. This continued for four consecutive mornings and it stopped after that.

The ghost who visits in the morning

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4 Little Victorian girl wants to play

David from Nottinghamshire was just fourteen when this incident occurred. He was in bed, when someone pulled his duvet off him. He looked up to see a young girl in a Victorian attire walk backwards into the wall. Accounting this to his parents, his mother agreed to a presence in the house owing to unexplainable footsteps on the stairs. Someone had played with his mother’s hair and someone had cuddled up to his dad.

Little Victorian girl wants to play

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5 The woman on the bench

Gertrude from Swansea went to the store every Wednesday and on her way she used to pass behind a bench where a woman was always seated. She never saw her face, as she was looking the other way. One Wednesday, curious to know who she was, she decided to pass from the front. When she passed her, she looked back to see her face, and to her horror, the woman was standing right behind her, staring. Her face was wrinkled, her eyes rolled back into the back of her skull and blood foaming at her mouth. Gertrude screamed and blinked and the woman disappeared.

The woman on the bench

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