10 Of the Weirdest Cars Ever Produced In The World


Automobile history has not stolen the limelight yet as a subject everyone is interested in unless of course you’re a car enthusiast who collects the vintage stuff. What many of us see in a car is just a dashing modern body on four wheels and though there are the big names like Lamborghini, Bugatti and Jaguar, at the most they are worth a second look speeding past on the road. Surprisingly though not many know that there are cars that have been made that look so weird, they would qualify for a circus or a futuristic expo. Take a look at 10 of the world’s weirdest cars to be manufactured till today. You could well call them the cars of the future past.

10 Norman Timbs Special

Norman. E. Timbs was Tucker Automobiles best engineer during the 1940’s. His most ambitious project was a vehicle that would be later known as the Norman Timbs vehicle. It took him three years to build and turned out to be one of the most elegant and streamlined cars ever built. The only problem was it had no door which is why it looked a very weird vehicle and a lump of chocolate.


Norman Timbs Special

Image Source: www.autofoundry.com

9 Stout Scarab

It was William Bushnell Stout who designed the Stout Scarab in 1932. The Scarab turned out to be the world’s first minivan and was intended by Stout to be an office on wheels. The Scarab had a long nose and an even longer wheelbase. However, only a dozen cars were made and the Scarab never saw commercial production.

Stout Scarab

Image Source: www.hemmings.com


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