10 Weird birth defects that will leave you shocked!

It is true that the first thing every parent prays for, while expecting a child is that it should be healthy and devoid of any birth defects. But during certain unfortunate instances their prayers remain unheard and the babies come into this world with some really weird conditions. Take a look at a few weird birth defects that will leave you shocked.


1 The Mermaid Syndrome

Scientifically known as Sirenomelia, this birth defect will cause the child’s limbs to fuse together. This rare syndrome mainly affects the legs, causing the child to resemble a mermaid. The babies born with this defect are not known to live for long as they lack genitals and at times kidneys too.

The Mermaid Syndrome

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2 Extra Fingers and Toes

The scientific term for this weird birth defect is Polydactyly. The children born with this defect will have extra fingers or toes. This is a defect that can be sorted out easily as the extra parts can be removed surgically.

Extra Fingers and Toes

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3 The Lobster claw Symptom

This birth defect is known as Ectrodactyly and causes the hands and feet to split, thus resembling the claws of a lobster. Most often than not,this syndrome does not hinder with the functioning of hands, but it might be a different case with the feet.

The Lobster claw Symptom

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4 Ambras Syndrome

This condition is called Hypertrichosis and causes excessive growth of hair all over the body. There will be so much hair that the person will resemble a werewolf. This weird birth defect can be cured through laser hair removal treatments.

Ambras Syndrome

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5 Premature Aging

Scientifically termed as Progeria, this is a tricky and extremely weird birth defect as it cannot be detected at the time of birth. It is only when the child starts to age rapidly after a couple of years that it can be diagnosed.

Premature Aging

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6 The Human Tail Syndrome

Very rarely, human children are born with vestigial tails. But this is not an inconvenient disorder as it does not affect the child’s health and can be surgically removed.

The Human Tail Syndrome

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7 The Incomplete Twins Syndrome

Though this weird birth defect happens in extremely rare cases, it is scary and complicated. Known as Craniopagus Parasiticus, a child is born with its incomplete twin attached to it. The twin will have to be surgically removed as it cannot function on its own.

The Incomplete Twins Syndrome

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8 The One Eyed Syndrome

Termed as Cyclopia, this birth defect will make the child look like it has only one eye, as the fetus’s eyes were unable to develop separately. Such children usually do not survive.

The One Eyed Syndrome

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9 The Twin inside a Twin Syndrome

Termed as fetus in fetu, this weird birth defect takes place when one twin develops inside the stomach of the other twin. The incomplete twin can be surgically removed.

The Twin inside a Twin Syndrome

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10 Siamese Twins Syndrome

This is a weird birth defect that causes a pair of twins to be conjoined. The twins are usually joined by their stomach and in this case they can be easily separated. But there are cases when they are joined by the head, which can make surgery fatal.

Siamese Twins Syndrome

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Next time when you look in the mirror, please be thankful that you are healthy and ordinary, instead of having claws for hands or a twin living inside your stomach. Not everybody is as lucky!


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