12 Unique tourist scams to avoid for a safer vacation

When travelling on a vacation, it may be exciting and the last thing on your mind while enjoying yourself is precautions. The world is changing and crime is evolving where criminals are developing new strategies so devious that their actions seem harmless but extremely dangerous in nature. Today it would be extremely easy for criminals to take advantage of an unsuspecting traveler.


For your convenience and valuable information, here are 12 devious and unique tourist scams to avoid when travelling.

1 The friendship bracelet

Someone may try to befriend you with the simple idea of tying a friendship bracelet on your hand. They may take some time in doing this and then insist on a small payment. While this façade is going on, an accomplice may be busy picking your pockets or robbing your luggage. This could happen on the road too.

The friendship bracelet

Image Source: www.corporatetravelsafety.com

2 The expensive Rose

If you’re travelling with your girlfriend or wife, a man may approach you with a red rose and present it to your partner. He may then ask for an exorbitant sum and make you feel bad in front of her if you don’t pay up.

The expensive Rose

Image Source: www.soxite.com

3 The fake ring

A man or woman may drop a ring while you’re not watching and asked if you dropped it. When you deny, she will go on to prove that the ring is a gold one and will offer to sell it to you at a price in excess of its worth.

The fake ring

Image Source: www.cancanh.com

4 Catch my baby

A woman will throw a baby into your arms, this may actually be a doll but an unsuspecting you will definitely catch it for fear of the baby falling. While you’re at it, your bags are being rummaged through by her accomplices.

Catch my baby

Image Source: www.infospesial.net

5 The crook magician

A man posing as a street magician may invite you to inspect his tricks such as guessing which ball is in which cup. You may think the crowd around you is genuine but they are all secret accomplices. While you’re busy scrutinizing the trick, they will be busy scrutinizing your pockets.

The crook magician

Image Source: www.parisjourney.com

6 The wallet on the road

You may come across an empty wallet lying on the road. On instinct as most people will do, you may check if your own wallet is safe. All this while a pickpocket may be watching where you put your hand which tells him exactly which pocket contains your wallet.

The wallet on the road

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

7 Stains on your jacket

A man or woman may intentionally spill ketchup on your jacket but imply it was an accident. They may then insist that they clean it for you. While cleaning they will also clean out your pockets.

Stains on your jacket

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

8 The shoe shine which isn’t free

A man may drop his shoe brush in front of you. He will then apologize as you pick it up for him. To show his thanks he will even shine your shoes for you. But don’t be happy just yet because after shining your shoes he will ask for payment.

The shoe shine which isn’t free

Image Source: www.turner.com


9 The fortune teller

An old lady posing as a fortune teller will offer you a sprig of rosemary saying it is a sign of friendship and offer to read your hand. Once you comply, she will do so and then insist on payment. If you don’t pay up be ready to be greeted with a string of expletives and curses which is scary.

The fortune teller

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

10 The friendly photographer

In a setting where couples are all busy taking photos of each other, a couple or a man may offer to take a photo of you and your wife together. While the two of you are busy posing, your camera may be a 100 meters away from you stolen by your friendly photographer.

tourist taking photos

Image Source: www.thanhniennews.com

11 The tuk tuk scammer

If you’re off to a rave party or disco in a tuk tuk or a taxi, the driver may offer you drugs to enjoy your party. These will no doubt be fake. If you accept them, out of the blue will appear a policeman ready to arrest you if you don’t pay up.

tuk tuk or a taxi scam

Image Source: www.tootimidandsqueamish.com


12 The sightseeing taxi driver

In several cities, if a taxi driver senses you’re a tourist, he may intentionally prolong your route so that his meter fare increases. There is also a high possibility that such taxis have a tampered meter to show a higher reading.

taxi meter charges

Image Source: www.smosh.com


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