12 Unique tourist scams to avoid for a safer vacation

When travelling on a vacation, it may be exciting and the last thing on your mind while enjoying yourself is precautions. The world is changing and crime is evolving where criminals are developing new strategies so devious that their actions seem harmless but extremely dangerous in nature. Today it would be extremely easy for criminals to take advantage of an unsuspecting traveler.

For your convenience and valuable information, here are 12 devious and unique tourist scams to avoid when travelling.

1 The friendship bracelet

Someone may try to befriend you with the simple idea of tying a friendship bracelet on your hand. They may take some time in doing this and then insist on a small payment. While this façade is going on, an accomplice may be busy picking your pockets or robbing your luggage. This could happen on the road too.

The friendship bracelet

Image Source: www.corporatetravelsafety.com


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