Top 9 Smallest Countries in the World

Some of them are smaller than a medium large town, yet they exist like states. It may be odd and uncommon in the world today to have country where everybody knows each other, and can practically walk their own country up and down in less than a day. Back in time the world had much more countries than today, when every city was considered to be independent enough to call itself a state. Today, some of those extra small countries still exist and this following list would present Smallest Countries in the World to you.

#1. Vatican City

Known as the country without newborns, this city-country is the home of the catholic priests, the Pope, and many cardinals from around the world. This is probably the smallest country in the world in every meaning of the world, having only 800 inhabitants. The fun fact is that you can literally walk the entire country in a few hours, because it is a small circle of the church St. Peter and the Vatican Museum (along with the residents of the Pope and the cardinals). The entire country is surrounded by the city of Rome and has its own telephone system, mail boxes, gardens, radio station, banking system and pharmacy. Tourists are visiting it in large number, but most of the incomes are coming from the Catholics from around the world who are giving money voluntarily. Vatican does not produce anything like food or clothes, but incorporates from other countries. The official language is Latin.

Vatican City
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