Top 8 Things You should know before Going to a Vacation


It’s the summer vacation season and while people frantically plan their trips to wonderful beaches and are booking their flights and hotels, they are missing on some serious useful things they should know before taking off. For instance you should always check how safe the city they are going to is, or if there is a police station nearby. Knowing this useful information may help you and save you precious time, money and nerves. And regardless of the style of holiday you’re taking, there are many ways in which you can be prepared to ensure the holiday goes off without a hitch and comes off as a pleasantly spent time. These are some of the things you should know before going to a vacation.

#1. Weather

Going to a sunny resort doesn’t mean that you should forget at least one pair of warm clothes. You can never know if the weather gets cooler, so packing a blouse and pants can literally save your health. Also taking an umbrella with you can improve your holiday in case of rain.

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#2. Insurance

Prepare your insurance before you head off. We all hope for the best when we travel, but sometimes things can go unplanned and having this little piece of paper can really save your life. Make sure to check if your country has some sort of insurance treaty with the country you are visiting. If you travel inside your country always have your health care card with you.

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#3. Medicine

This especially goes for those who are having allergies or are having a chronic illness. Make sure to check the climate, because it may seriously harm your health (high mountains are not recommendable for people with heart problems as well as people who are allergic to bees or mosquito bites are not suppose to go on places with lots of insects). Take your therapy with you and keep it in a purse that can always be by your hand. If you travel alone, tell your tourist guide everything they need to know about your illness and how to react if you got sick.

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#4. Visa

Check twice before you take off to a country you have never been before. If you have to have a visa to enter the new country and don’t have it, you will have to return and that’s a big problem and mood killer. Some customs on the airports or at the borders of the country will require you to have certain of money for every day of the stay. Make sure to have enough.

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#5. Portable cooler

If you travel with kids this is a must. Of course if you travel with a bus it can be a little tricky for packing it with the other passengers’ luggage, but you can still have it with you. This would save you money and nerves when you’d be in need of cold water in the middle of nowhere. Also if you want your drinks to be cold at the beach, always have it with you.

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#6. Your country’s embassy

Get all the info about the location of your country’s embassy in the country you are traveling to. Write down their working hours, their phone calls and e-mails, because even though (hopefully) you won’t need it, it would be good to have these things in your agenda just in case.

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#7. Internet

Make sure to get all the info about the wireless internet and where you can get it. Some countries have hot spots around their cities where you can easily surf and not pay anything, but some would charge you after you use the Internet. Ask the employed people in your hotel if they are charging the Internet because you wouldn’t want another check after you check out.

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#8. Exchanging money

If you don’t have changed the currency of the country you are visiting back home, you’d have to look for an exchange office. Some hotels have their own exchanging money offices but some don’t. If you are not in that kind of a hotel you will have to find it by yourself. Keep track of the currency and how much it costs to buy it.

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