Top 8 Fun Facts about North Korea


North Korea is an Asian country which leads life on its own, pretty much completely isolated from the rest of the world. North Korea functions as a highly centralized, lead by a dictator who serves the citizens info about their country being the best in everything in the world, which in fact isn’t true. The citizens have to follow certain norms about fashion, education and living – they can’t study everything, nor wear hair styles that aren’t allowed from the government. Internet also isn’t allowed in the country, so people don’t truly know what is going on outside their country. In today’s article we have Top 8 Fun Facts about North Korea

#1. Marijuana is legal

Sounds crazy? Well in North Korea marijuana isn’t even considered to be drug. Many locals smoke it regularly. However the use and distribution of hard drugs like crystal meth would cost the user and distributor his life, but Marijuana is not classified as illegal or in any way policed. This info sounds pretty great for those who use marijuana, so can North Korea be the new marijuana paradise?

Marijuana is legal

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