Top 6 Surreal Places on Earth

The Earth is rich in mountains, rivers, oceans and fields, but often nature plays and some of them get a really out of this world look. Unusual and surreal things and places have always making people curious. These places that are shown below in this article would take your breath away with their unique look and some of them might appear as unnatural or maybe even fake film décor. But, the truth is they are very real and very much exist, so if you love traveling and new sightseeing, these surreal places should be on your list.

#1. Fly Geyser (USA)

This relatively unknown geyser is a rarely beautiful place to see, but is often unseen because it is inside a private property, in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. But this isnt a completely natural phenomenon. The geyser started off as an experiment in 1964 with geothermal testing. Since then the atmosphere has provided the exact micro-climate required for the thermophilic algae to blossom. These algae are what give the geyser its brilliant colors. The water erupted out of the geyser but the bad experiment leaved calcium carbonate deposits around the geyser that form its odd shape.

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