Top 6 European Holiday Destinations

It’s hard to determine where to go on holiday. There are tons of choices, so many cities full of art, history, and natural beauty. Whether it be a nice country getaway for that breath of fresh air, like at the Holgates Holiday Parks, or a hot and sunny retreat, we have scoured the Internet and reviewed hundreds of cities for their beauty, art, and history to find these top six European holiday destinations.


#1. Istanbul, Turkey

At the intersection of two rich cultures, you will find a little bit of everything in this beautiful city, which is the largest in Turkey. Here you will see a mingling of two cultures so beautifully melded together as one. You will find breathtaking ancient architecture alive with modern day restaurants and exciting nightlife. Take in the rich history with the Byzantine architecture and stunning mosques. The wonderfully chaotic atmosphere will keep you bustling along busy streets, especially in the Grand Bazaar. Try your stomach on the exceptional Turkish cuisine and enjoy the local flare.

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#2. Rome, Italy

Nicknamed the Eternal City, Rome has a little bit over everything to offer: beautiful seas, amazing natural beauty, delicious food, and village after village full of history and art. You will need more than one day to take in the never-ending collage of pizzas, open-air markets, and mind boggling historic sites set to a backdrop of blue seas, green hills, and huge vineyards. Experience the ancient feel of the Coliseum and the Pantheon or take a break with authentic cappuccino and enjoy the beauty that is Rome.

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#3. Paris, France

Each year, millions are drawn to the City of Light’s ambience. This unforgettable city is home to amazing museums, ancient churches, and the most gorgeous Rococo and Neo-classic architecture. Anchored with the exquisite Eiffel Tower, you can spend your day floating through the cobblestone streets sampling world-class cuisine, gourmet coffee, and delicate pastries. In this city, you will find a splendid mix of leisure and liveliness to recharge and relax.

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#4. Dublin, Ireland

A fresh pint of Guinness is not the only thing to enjoy in Dublin. This cultural melting pot has not lost its traditional Irish sentiment in music, dance, and brews. However, this city will not be all about tradition, you will find contemporary nightclubs alongside your traditional pubs and excellent ethnic restaurants to get a global food selection. Take in the beautiful scenery and the magnificent museums, but don’t miss your chance to take in the best thing about Dublin, the people. Dubs are known to be fun and open, loving nothing more than to talk to strangers.

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#5. Budapest, Hungry

You will never be bored with all there is to discover in Budapest. The city will never cease to awe you in the busy town center or beautiful parks and majestic rivers set against a skyline of tall church spires. After an exciting day of adventuring around the city uncovering new spots and old favorites, take in one of Budapest’s lavish spas. Your tour of Budapest will not be complete until you stop by Saint Stephen’s Basilica, the fifth largest synagogue in the world.

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#6. Prague, Czech Republic

For over a thousand years, Prague has persevered despite so many overthrows, invasions, fires, and floods. Its dark past will keep you intrigued as you fall deeper into the fairy tale world of modern day Prague. You can visit the storied churches, walk down the narrow streets, tour the sentient castle, and stroll across the statue-lined bridges. This beautifully charming city will capture the heart of any traveler.

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