Top 5 Extreme Tourist Attractions


Getting the most of your vacation now has a completely new meaning. Tourist (at least some of them) want to get adrenaline rush for their money and wouldn’t settle for a peaceful and boring sightseeing of the place they are visiting. Bungee jumping, riding crocodiles, paragliding, visiting volcanoes are just some of the really edgy and adrenalin boosting activities tourist can get if they can afford them of course. In the following list you will find the Extreme Tourist Attractions

#1. Kayaking with whales in Alaska

The rise of the internet has publicized these extreme kayaking and paddleboarders with sharks and whales. While Alaskan sea kayakers have long owned the rights to cool photos of themselves in kayaks with breathtaking panoramas in the background and whale tales in the foreground, the state now offers tourist do the same. As a far north USA state they don’t to have too many tourists, so they have to think of new and interesting ways to get them. What is cooler after all than kayaking with a whale? It is almost becoming predictable as to when kayakers will be able to share in this experience, as whale experts are increasingly able to predict the feeding patterns of these truly beautiful marine mammals. Even though the whales are not doing any harm to the kayakers they can never be too careful. The whale’s sheer size and weight can be top two reasons that can cause some trouble while kayaking.

Kayaking with whales in Alaska

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