Top 4 Underground Societies around the World

You probably remember how the Ninja Turtles had a “real” home underground, in the pipes of the city sanitation. Yes, it was a cartoon and no human being would be ever able to endure those conditions but, don’t be so sure. There are Underground societies that exist below the streets, full of people living an unconventional and mostly hazardous lifestyle. Some are down there by choice, while others have no other option but to be there. These people found a home beneath the Earth’s surface, and society remains largely unaware of the people right under their feet.

1 Bucharest, Romania

Below the streets of Romania’s capital there is a network of tunnels providing shelter for a group of drug-addicted, HIV-infected kids and teenagers. Their leader or as they see him – a father figure, refers to himself as “Bruce Lee” and takes in the lowest of the low. He has dedicated his life to keeping his self-sufficient family safe and as warm as possible, even if that means giving them a safe space to do drugs.

The teens can often be seen huffing metallic paint out of black bags called Aurolac. People who have been invited to see this underground society describe it as a type of parallel universe, a world of abandoned children and addicted teenagers, rescued dogs and cats, full electricity, a stereo system that plays nonstop club music, televisions, and even artificial grass.

Citizens of Bucharest are aware of what’s going on beneath their feet, and many of them praise Bruce Lee’s actions. After the 1966 ban on contraception and abortion by former Communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu in an effort to increase the workforce, unwanted and orphaned children were left on the streets. Bruce Lee has not only moved these tragic youths off the streets, he’s provided a safe place for them otherwise would otherwise freeze in the brutal temperatures or fall victim to sexual predators.

Bucharest, Romania

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