Top 10 Toy Stores in the World


It doesn’t matter if you are five, then, twenty or sixty year old, when comes to toy stores we are all children whose hearts are pounding a little bit stronger. These places are like entering a dream, a place where there are no worries, just fun and lots of interesting toys that would take your attention. Here we go

#1. AMI Marionettes Shop, Prague

If you have been in Prague, you know that these people have some serious love for their marionettes. The streets are full with artists who perform for the people with their marionettes and those shows are really spectacular. This toy store is a place where marionettes fans can get high quality handmade marionettes.

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#2. Toy Joy, Austin, Texas

People in Austin say “Keep the city weird”, so this store for sure helps that credo. This store has a glow-in-the-dark room full with glowing stars, moons and animals, as well as retro style toys. Also, here you can find some of the most insane things to buy like Frida Kahlo tattoo paintings, Kim Jong Il tongue scrapers.

Toy Joy, Austin, Texas
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#3. Bartolucci, Rome

This small store is just five minutes away from the Pantheon. Don’t get surprised to find wood carved toys, just like Pinocchio. The store exists from 1936, but the work with carving dolls back in 1891when the old man Francesco (hey just like Gepetto) started constructing wooden marionettes. Besides dolls and marionettes, here you can find clocks, decors, and other wooden carved items.

Bartolucci, Rome
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#4. F.A.O. Schwarz, New York City

The store was opened in 1862 by a German immigrant and is considered to be the oldest American toy store. Its current location is across from the Hotel Plaza. The best thing about this store (of course beside the fact that you can get some really cool and awesome toys) is the room in which kids can actually test the toys, i.e customize model cars with lights, sound effects and other things they find interesting.

F.A.O. Schwarz, New York City
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#5. Kiddy Land, Tokyo

People in Tokyo can go in the Harajuku district where this toy store is located. Here you can find all those cute little cuddly toys and things. These toys are a synonym for the subculture called kawaii. In here you will see mostly teenagers and young adults enjoying the products the store offers. And the place is quite big – there are 6 stories where you can get anything from Hello Kitty, to little toys that you can get in a vending machine. This is a true toy paradise.

Kiddy Land, Tokyo
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#6. The Doll Hospital, Lisbon

It’s exactly what you think it is. The store history goes back to 1830, when an old woman started fixing broken dolls. Today, in the store skillful artisans work on fixing broken arms, heads and legs of dolls and other toys. Hey, this is a great idea to bring back to life your favorite childhood plastic or plush friend. It might look a little bit creepy, but at least the intentions are good.

The Doll Hospital, Lisbon
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#7. Sopa de Principe, Buenos Aires

The store first worked in Palermo, but the owner Veronica Longoni moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and continued their work. The toys aren’t like the rest. They have stitched arms and legs and buttons for eyes and that’s what makes them so unique. Beside dolls and bunnies, here you can find robots and monsters.

Sopa de Principe, Buenos Aires
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#8. LEGO Store, Copenhagen

Probably the most famous store out there, the Lego Store was opened back in 1932 by a Danish carpenter, today it is located in Copenhagen on the pedestrian shopping street Strøget. You already know what sort of toys you can find here.

LEGO Store, Copenhagen
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#9. Hamleys, London

This extremely old toy store was selling tin soldiers and rag dolls since 1760, when was just a small shop names Noah’s Ark. The store has been through a lot, surviving wars and bad times, but Hamleys is the place where people from every part of the country as well as tourist shop. Oh, and not to forget that the Royal Family loves this place too.

Hamleys, London
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#10. Terrific Scientific, Sidney

This is the promise land for nerds (both kids and adults) who love to get some good scientific reads, as well as volcano making kits, ant farms, dinosaur dolls, telescopes and lots and lots of encyclopedias. Australians are especially proud to have it in their country, as well as to count it as one of the top ten best toy stores in the world.

Terrific Scientific, Sidney
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