Top 10 Tallest Trees in the World

To plant a tree means to plant your future. Not only it would provide you with oxygen and shadow, but it would live for the future generations and keep the memory of the ancestors. Having a forest is equal or even better than having an actual gold or diamonds.
The trees are the lungs of our planet, shadow givers, oxygen transforming natural machines and our friends. Some of them don’t grow more than 4-5 meters but some of them are real and scary giants that go up in the sky for a few hundreds of meters. That is practically a skyscraper height. In today’s article we will introduce you with some of the tallest trees in the world. You would surprise to know that some of them are taller than a medium ten story building. Most of these tree giants are growing more and more with each year. They are more or less located in the same national park in California, while the people who work there are keeping their original location in secret because they are afraid that the curious tourists might occupy the spots where the trees grow and harm them in many different ways.

#1. Mendocino Tree, USA

The type is Sequoia sempervirens and it grows graciously in California in the Montgomery Wood. Its height is measured up 119.20 meters with a 4,19 meters diameter of its stem. For long six years from 1996 to 2000, this was the tallest tree in the world.
Mendocino Tree, USA
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