Top 10 Rooms with a View around The World

If the walls in the hotel rooms could have speak, then they would have told some of the craziest stories ever. Not only are they witnessing different people, activities, secrets, luggage and what not, but they also are the place where people’s lives stories are mixing together. How many times did you sleep in a hotel room, wondering about the previous guests’ lives and habits, who they were, where they went, if they were happy.
Besides these things, hotel rooms can make you remember them for good whether for good or bad. Those really great hotels would take your breath away with the generous service, amazing food and parties in the hotel bars, the softest mattresses, the incredible interior design… But the truly amazing rooms have one thing that the rest of the rooms in the hotel do not have, and that is the view. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of view over the mountain top or the breathtaking ocean surface and the amazing sunrise or sunset, or maybe some of the coolest skylines like that one of the Eifel Tower or the entire skyline of New York City, rooms with view are always going to charge double or triple because it’s not an everyday thing to wake up and see some of the rarest sights in the world.
These rooms will take your breath away if you can afford at least one night in them. They are situated in some of the most luxurious hotels around the world and have view on the most remarkable parts of cities or other locations they are in.


#1. Ritz-Carlton Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore

If you want to have a bath and admire the Singapore skyscrapers and the marina bay, than this is the spot you should be at. It is as gorgeous as you can imagine and as luxurious as you could wish for it to be.


1.	Ritz-Carlton Suite at the Ritz-Carlton Singapore Image Source:

#2. The Eifel Suits at the Plaza Athenee, Paris

This room will steal your heart in the very first moment you’ll enter in. The magnificent view of the Eifel Tower will make your jaw drop on the floor. The suite is designed in old fashion way for the ultimate royal experience. You’d have a feeling that you can touch the tower with your hand.


2. The Eifel Suits at the Plaza Athenee, ParisImage Source:

#3. The penthouse suite of the Corinthia Hotel, London

This suite offers a wonderful panorama of London, including the London’s Eye, the river Thames and its bridges and the lovely skyline of the city.


3. The penthouse suite of the Corinthia Hotel, LondonImage Source:

#4. The Pangu 7 star Hotel, Beijing, China

With two large windows in the bedroom that give indescribably beautiful view of the city, any guest would feel like they’re in heaven.


4. The Pangu 7 star Hotel, Beijing, ChinaImage Source:

#5. Oberoi Amarvillas, Agra, India

Imagine sitting in these soft sofas, drinking champagne and observe the Taj Mahal through your window. So peaceful and serene.


5. Oberoi Amarvillas, Agra, IndiaImage Source:

#6. Hotel Salto Chico, Patagonia

This hotel was built in the heart of the Torres de Paine national park. Its most famous room with a view offers a unique sight of snowy peak of the mountain.


6. Hotel Salto Chico, PatagoniaImage Source:

#7. Presidential Suite, Four Seasons, Sidney, Australia

One window offers the guest a magnificent view of the Opera House and the other of the Sidney Harbor Bridge.


7.	Presidential Suite, Four Seasons, Sidney, AustraliaImage Source:

#8. The Penthouse and Planetarium Suites at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria

The view offers the large rooftop of the Saint Peter Church and the rest of the ancient ruins of the city.

8.	The Penthouse and Planetarium Suites at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf AstoriaImage Source:


#9. Loews Hotel, Philadelphia

If you are a fan of views that offer the city skyscrapers nearby, especially by night, this is the hotel you should visit. The gorgeous skyline of the city combined with boats that float in the Delaware River.

9.	Loews Hotel, PhiladelphiaImage Source:

#10. Mandarin Oriental, New York City

This may not be one of those famous hotels you have heard about in the movies, but it is located just above the Columbus Circle and Central Park. From the best rooms with a view the guest can see the entire Central Park and Upper East Side. Guest here can enjoy the skyline of Manhattan but they will also have to pay at least more than 400 dollars per night. Who wouldn’t want to spend the night in a hotel with views like this? It’s probably a once in a lifetime thing. You may even be able to see the SoHo neighborhood from here too. There are many activities that you can take part in in this area of New York so the chances are, you can probably see one of them from this hotel room.


10. Mandarin Oriental, New York CityImage Source:


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