Top 10 Most Bizarre Hotels of the World – You can’t resist yourself to visit

Are you tired of standard and conventional hotels? Cannot stand to see the same endless similar rooms with frighteningly similar placement of furniture and conventional wallpapers anymore? Well, then after reading this article you will know about the hotels with the most unexpected design and locations on earth.

1 The Grand Daddy, South Africa

On the roof of this hotel in Cape Town is located a trailer park instead of a penthouse. Each of the seven trailers is equipped with a comfortable room, dedicated to a specific topic. For example, in the room of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which is painted in white, in the middle stands a huge bed that resembles the bed of the famous pair. In another trailer is created a room of the three bears tale – with perfectly fabulous furniture and old-fashioned flowered wallpapers.

The Grand Daddy, South Africa

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