Top 10 Most Bizarre Hotels of the World – You can’t resist yourself to visit


Are you tired of standard and conventional hotels? Cannot stand to see the same endless similar rooms with frighteningly similar placement of furniture and conventional wallpapers anymore? Well, then after reading this article you will know about the hotels with the most unexpected design and locations on earth.

1 The Grand Daddy, South Africa

On the roof of this hotel in Cape Town is located a trailer park instead of a penthouse. Each of the seven trailers is equipped with a comfortable room, dedicated to a specific topic. For example, in the room of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, which is painted in white, in the middle stands a huge bed that resembles the bed of the famous pair. In another trailer is created a room of the three bears tale – with perfectly fabulous furniture and old-fashioned flowered wallpapers.

The Grand Daddy, South Africa

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2 Jules’ Undersea Lodge, USA

It is a remarkable underwater hotel. The hotel was rebuilt from a research laboratory that had been there before. One has to dive six meters deep to get to the small, made for one family, hotel. Different types of fish look into the window-porthole and make the stay even more marvelous.

Jules’ Undersea Lodge, USA

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3 Das Park Hotel, Austria

The rooms of this hotel are made from a down pipe; one can stay there and enjoy the Danube, were the hotel is located. AIso, there are electricity and a vent-hole, which makes the stay extraordinary and comfortable at the same time. Besides, the price here is not fixed, and each client decides for himself how much he should pay. Nowadays, this hotel is located in the town of Ottensheim. The owners stress that Das Park Hotel is not a commercial project, and its aim is to expand the idea to the hospitality industry.

Das Park Hotel, Austria

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4 The Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

In the hotel in Northern Finland, which is located above the Arctic Circle, the rooms are made of ice and glass. One can relax in a bedroom under the transparent dome of glass igloo, cozily rolling oneself up in a thick duvet, watch the snow fall and northern lights flicker. It is unreal and magical. One actually forgets that winter is around although it is very very cold. Comfortable igloos and high quality service ensures that you feel the warmth and comfort in the midst of snowy open space.

The Kakslauttanen Hotel, Finland

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5 The Ice Hotel, Sweden

There are both warm and cool rooms in this hotel complex. Inside of the cold structure of the Ice Hotel the temperature is never lower than -5°С. There are 59 rooms and a lot of services are offered like a vodka bar and an art gallery. It is not as cold as one might imagine to sleep on a mattress made of ice, because the beds are covered with cervine skin, and bedclothes are replaced by sleeping bags designed to keep you warm. The rooms are divided into the following categories: Art Suite, Ice Room, and Snow Room. The price in winter time is 2000 Sweden’s crowns and more per night.

The Ice Hotel, Sweden

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6 Cabanes du Bois Landry, France

This unforgettable hotel is located in Bois de Landry, 90 minutes away from Paris. The complex consists of wooden houses that are connected by rope bridges and ladders. In the rooms there are no electricity and water that makes the guests feel closer to nature.

Cabanes du Bois Landry, France

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7 Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

None of the 45 rooms of the Berlin hotel is alike to the other. This hotel is created and owned by the artist Lars Stroschen. One can book either a room with a bed hovering in the air or an apartment with an endless number of mirrors, in which is strangely reflected a huge white-black sofa. There is also a room that is similar to prison cameras. There are also rooms for vampires – with coffins instead of beds – and for flagellants – with a bed placed in an iron cage.

Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin

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8 De Vrouwe van Stavoren, Holland

If you tell your friends that you slept in a wine barrel, probably they would think that you were crazy or that you had lost your home. But they would be quite surprised when they got to know that the barrel was a comfortable hotel. Of course, the hotel is built of usual materials, but the rooms are the real barrels, that where previously used to store bottles of wine.

De Vrouwe van Stavoren, Holland

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9 Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

The hotel in Da Lat gained popularity and is called the “madhouse” among locals. The complex consists of three buildings which seem to have been carved out of giant stumps. Inside of the rooms of the hotel thee is a feeling that the walls slip into the floor. Each room is devoted to some animal. In one room, for example, one can find an eagle hatching an egg, in another – huge ants. All of them are works of a local artists.

Hang Nga Guesthouse, Vietnam

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10 Costa Verde Hotel, Costa Rica

The Corporate Suites of the hotel in Costa Rica are located on board of a Boeing 727. This Boeing crashed in these jungles in 1965, and a few years ago, it was repaired and transformed into a hotel room with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, and a large living room.

Costa Verde Hotel, Costa Rica

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