Top 10 Best Beaches in the World


The summer is here, so everything somehow revolves around summer holidays and beaches. First association that most people get for a beautiful beach is turquoise water, white sand, wide and long beach with a few palm trees and of course lots of colorful cocktails.
Well, these sort of idealistic beaches do exist on our beautiful planet and if you are a little lucky, with a bit of money now you can visit them and enjoy the real paradise on Earth. This is a short list of some of the most beautiful and best beaches in the world. Of course, there are far more than ten, but we shortened the list.

#1. Falassarna Beach, Crete, Greece

One thing for sure here is the space. You will not have to disturb people who lie on the sand in order to get your little spot under the sun. This Greek beach is pretty wide and long, and there is enough spot for people to do their favorite activities like sun tanning, beach volley ball, tennis, frisbee, or reading a book. The water is as blue as the sky and would take your breath away.
Falassarna Beach, Crete, Greece
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