27 Thrilling photos will tell you the real meaning of adventure. #23 Will leave you stunned!

When your heart is pounding fast and your palms are sweaty and you are super excited, you exactly know what the feeling is all about. Well, the excitement is not because you are graduating, getting married or becoming a mother or undergoing any life-transforming event, this is actually the feeling which is too familiar to the world of adrenaline junkies. They are the thrill-seekers who are always in the rush to experiment with some jaw-dropping action-packed activity. Take a look at these images and be prepared to be shocked or inspired!


1 Cliff Camping

Have you ever considered the option of cliff camping? If you have a look at the picture, you will probably understand what this camping on the cliff is all about. This is the new form of adventure that the new, as well as the experienced campers, are experimenting with.

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Cliff Camping

Image Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

2 The daredevil acts of Mustang Wanted

Mustang Wanted is a Ukrainian stunt performer and urban climber who has become an internet sensation because of his high altitude stunts that he performs all across the globe without the aid of any safety equipment. They are dangerous, but he makes them appear so simple and effortless.

The daredevil acts of Mustang Wanted

Image Source: www.alexanderleo.dk

3 Chile’s white water kayaking

Kayaking on the waters of Chile is a dangerous act, but adrenaline junkies from all over the world try this out at least once in their lifetime. At the end of the day, your kayak is a boat
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Chile’s white water kayaking

Image Source: www.patagoniastudyabroad.com

4 Waterfall ice climbing

We all have heard about mountain climbing. What is this ice climbing all about? Look at the image and you will get an idea about it. Yes, it is the act of climbing up a waterfall, which is basically frozen. Now, that’s some adventure!!

Waterfall ice climbing

Image source: www.publicbroadcasting.net

5 Performing yoga on Trolltunga, Norway

This image will definitely stun you. Performing different yoga postures at almost the tip of the cliff makes it an extremely dangerous act.

Performing yoga on Trolltunga, Norway

Image Source: www.wordpress.com

6 Swinging at the La Casa Del Arbol

There is a tree house from which a swing is suspended that gives the adventurous people an opportunity to have the swing of a lifetime. You will feel that you are actually swinging at the end of the earth.

Swinging at the La Casa Del Arbol

Image Source: www.goway.com

7 Climbing at Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is a hot tourist destination in Mexico and the opportunities with the climbing of steep and high rocks and mountains makes it an ideal spot for the adventure seekers.

Climbing at Cabo San Lucas

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

8 The dangerous climbing expedition by John Roberts

One misplaced step while climbing a rocky mountain and death is certain. John Roberts is a UK based climber who makes climbing appear as an easy affair. Just look at the image, aren’t you shocked to see where he is standing??

The dangerous climbing expedition by John Roberts

Image Source: www.wordpress.com


9 Kjeregbolten, Norway

This is a 5 cubic meter rock that is situated in between the Kjerag Mountain. The adrenaline junkies don’t miss out to explore this exceptional creation of nature.

Kjeregbolten, Norway

Image Source: www.iscreamsundae.com

10 Traversing on Mountain Huashan, China

With vertical ascents and steep staircases, Mountain Huashan is considered as the most dangerous hikes in the world. This is absolutely not for those who have fear of height.

Traversing on Mountain Huashan, China

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

11 The oblivion dive

You definitely need to have the guts to dive directly on the water bed from such a great height. The picture says it all.

The oblivion dive

Image Source: www.adrex.com


12 Dungeness River Bridge, Sequim, Washington

The image will definitely make your heart beat faster. But the adrenaline freaks love exploring this wooden bridge that was built way back in 1916.

Dungeness River Bridge, Sequim, Washington

Image Source: www.surfingbird.ru

13 Base jumping

This is a new adventurous sport that has been created by the thrill seekers who are not scared of death and are always looking new adventures.

Base jumping

Image Source: www.unveilx.com

14 Iranian ice climbing

Iran is very popular for its winter sports and ice climbing is definitely one of them. The picture is simply amazing with the majestic lumps of ice waterfall.

Iranian ice climbing

Image Source: www.turner.com


15 Redwood tree climbing

Redwood trees are massive in height and climbing them often becomes a challenge even for experienced climbers. The redwood tree climbing is definitely a difficult activity that the adrenaline freaks execute.

Redwood tree climbing

Image Source: www.nationalgeographic.com

16 Kayaking at Victoria Falls

The adrenaline rush of the Victoria Falls is something to look out for. Kayaking at this location is extremely dangerous, but there are people who try it and love it!

Kayaking at Victoria Falls

Image Source: www.iscreamsundae.com

17 Alex Honnold

Free climbing is a dare devil act and Alex Honnold, the popular climber is a master at it. The picture depicts Alex taking rest in the middle of climbing a mountain.

Alex Honnold

Image Source: www.upshout.com


18 Trapeze Paragliding

Performing daring acrobatics while swinging from the Paragliding parachute is definitely on the list of the adrenaline junkies.

Trapeze Paragliding

Image Source: www.beautifuldecay.com

19 Slack Lining

This act of balancing on a length of rope from such a great height gives an adrenaline rush to people who enjoy doing adventurous experiments. This is definitely on their bucket list.

Slack Lining

Image Source: www.scrollbin.com

20 Bike trail along the Moher Cliffs

If you have a look at the image, you will definitely get the idea of the dangers and the risks involved in bike trailing on such paths.

Bike trail along the Moher Cliffs

Image Source: www.adventure-journal.com

21 Urban exploration

There are crazy people who love exploring the sky-touching buildings and other urban architectures in the cities and the towns.

Urban exploration

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk


22 Escalando Mountain climbing

Discover the thrill and the adventure of mountain climbing around the Escalando Mountains. The picture says it all.

Escalando Mountain climbing

Image Source: www.masterconsul.com

23 Extreme skiing

The long, steep slopes on the mountain terrains give the perfect opportunity to adventure seekers to try extreme skiing.

Extreme skiing

Image Source: www.briff.me


24 Abseiling the “Fantastic Pit” Cave in Mexico

For individuals who are involved in extreme abseiling activities, this is definitely on the top of their list.

Abseiling the “Fantastic Pit” Cave in Mexico

Image Source: www.helpytips.com

25 The different view of Rio de Janeiro

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you may want to try out the activity that can be seen in the given picture.

The different view of Rio de Janeiro

Image Source: www.muslimthaipost.com

26 More actions from Mustang Wanted

From his images and videos on the web, it can be said that he is a true adrenaline addict and is just not scared of death.

More actions from Mustang Wanted

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

27 Russia’s Spiderman: Kirill Oreshkin

He is an urban explorer who has taken the internet world by storm due to his unbelievable stunts.

Aren’t the above mentioned images breathtaking and shocking? Would you try any of these activities??

Russia’s Spiderman

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


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