16 Things America Does That Confuses Foreigners

5The grab and go coffee culture

The espresso was born in Italy, where coffee is savored for a long time. However, just as everything in America is fast paced and large, so is the coffee culture. Starbucks is the most popular and perfect example of this. Thousands of people visit a single Starbucks every day to get their large cups of unorthodox varieties of coffee. The service is quick and serves the needs of those who have to go to work but need their coffee to feel energized.

Image Source: coffeebeanroad.com

6Super long highways

Five out of ten of the world’s ten longest highways are located in the US. America’s longest road is the U.S. Route 20, a 3,365-mile stretch that goes from Boston, Massachusetts, to Newport, Oregon and crosses through 12 different states. This is why most tourists prefer to take long road trips instead of just taking a flight to one place.

Image Source: www.dangerousroads.org

7Pharmaceutical companies advertise directly to consumers

“Direct-to-consumer” pharmaceutical advertising is only legal in the United States and New Zealand. Pharmaceutical companies can advertise freely. American consumers are free to choose whatever products they like and sometimes even recommend them to their doctors, instead of doctors recommending the treatment plans. This is one of the reasons why the pharmaceuticals industry is so profitable and competitive.

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8Yellow school buses

School buses exist in several countries to pick children up to and from school. However, it was in America that yellow first became the designated color for these buses. “School Bus Glossy Yellow” was a color formulated specifically for this purpose in 1939. The purpose of this bright and tacky shade is to attract attention quickly in case of any accident, for the safety of children.

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