These are the Most Beautiful and Mysterious Caves in the World

4 Orda Cave


Ordinskaya, or the Orda Cave, is the longest underwater cave in Russia and the world’s only known underwater gypsum cave. Its length is almost 5 kilometers of cavern with water so clear that divers can see nearly 45 meters ahead and below. One of the good things is that there are no currents in the cave. But, the Orda Cave is not a good place to get lost in. Smaller passages and caverns leading away from the main cavern can easily make visitors get lost. The water, even thgough clear is a freezing down to -20° Celsius at the surface, and any cave surface you touch can easily break off. Cave diver Lamar Hires says that he has seen chunks of gypsum as large as cars and buses fall from the walls and ceiling.

Orda Cave

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