The amazing Aurora Borealis /Northern lights – Nature’s most spectacular light show on earth


The Amazing Aurelia Borealis or Northern lights are nature’s most spectacular live light show on earth. Witnessing the spectacle of a myriad of colors caused by natural phenomena is an experience of a lifetime, one which will remain etched in memory as a moment of amazement and wonder.

1 The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights Is Nature’s Most Magnificent Spectacle

The Aurora Borealis are formed due to the phenomena of solar winds caught up in the atmosphere near the North Pole. It is distinct only to nations around the Arctic Circle such as Canada, Iceland and Norway. The Northern lights are a feast for the senses as the colorful lights in prominent shades of Red, Blue, Pink and Green arch, wave, and curl and unravel their magical dance in the atmosphere. The motions of the lights are varied as scattered clouds, shooting rays, light streamers or sometimes a total blanket of light which fills the entire sky with an ethereal glow. The sight is more than breathtaking and is unparalleled by any other natural phenomena in the world.

The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

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