Take a Tour of This Incredible Passenger Airliner Converted Into a Luxury Jumbo Jet Tree Hotel

If you have ever wanted to fulfill your fantasy of spending a night in a tree house in a South American forest, then this might make your wish come true and even more. Now your dream tree house can even be a Boeing 727 perched atop the trees.

1 An ambitious project as part of a holiday resort

In one of the most ambitious endeavours, a hospitality group has converted an airliner into a deluxe luxury hotel placed strategically atop the trees making it one of the most unique tree hotels of its kind. The airliner converted to a hotel can be yours to spend a night in but at a high rate of $500 a night.

converted an airliner into a deluxe luxury hotel

Image Source: www.brandlifemag.com

2 An incredible experience for airliner enthusiasts

For flight fanatics and tree house lovers, this is an incredible experience. The passenger jet plane was supposed to be sold for scrap when the hotel owners hit upon the wackiest of ideas. They decided to convert it into a luxury tree house lodge in the rain forest of Costa Rica in the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Old passenger jet plane

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

3 Transported by trucks to the rain forest

The airplane was dismantled into pieces and transported by trucks from San Jose International airport to Quepos Village in Costa Rica to be set up as a luxury lodge and part of the Costa Verde holiday resort.

Inside airplane hotel

Image Source: www.vox-cdn.com

4 Discarded as scrap and converted into a hotel in a Costa Rican resort

The jumbo jet tree house hotel in the Costa Rican rainforest cost quite a bit with $500 a night in one of its lavish and well-decorated rooms. A week cost an exorbitant $3600 but guests can have a lifetime experience.

hotel in a Costa Rican resort

Image Source: www.designboom.com

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