Take a look at 10 of the most amazing natural bridges and arches of the world

Nature is remarkable. All over the world, we are blessed with phenomena that can leave you spellbound. From breathtaking landscapes to the most stunning of natural constructions! But, nature takes over where man cannot. It is the same with bridges where natural arches have bridged canyons, valleys and rivers in the most enigmatic of ways. While you may, what is the difference between a natural arch and a natural bridge, then let us clarify here. A natural arch is formed by the natural forces which erode a rock so that it takes the shape of an arch and a natural bridge is a type of arch which has been created by water, which acted as the natural force which eroded the rock. Here are 10 most amazing natural bridges and arches of the world.


1 Xian Ren Qao or the Fairy Bridge, China

The Fairy Bridge in Guangxi, China is perhaps the most stunning of natural arches in the world today. It is also the longest natural bridge with a span of 122 meters. Made of limestone karst, it spans the Buliu River in Guangxi province of China. Although the Fairy Bridge isn’t located in a popular tourist destination, it is slowly gaining popularity as an awesome and spectacular attraction.

Xian Ren Qao or the Fairy Bridge, China

Image Source: www.naturalarches.org


2 Landscape Arch, Utah

The Landscape Arch comes a close second as the skinniest of natural bridges in the world. It is 88mts long and is located in an area called “Devil’s Garden” in the Arches National Park Utah USA. The most amazing fact is the presence of two other arches in the area and all of them were formed more than a million years ago.

Image Source: www.travel-photographs.net

Image Source: www.travel-photographs.net


3 Pont D’arc, France

Located in Vallon Pont-d-Arc, France, this imposing natural arch stands at a height of 54 meters. It was carved out of erosion caused by the Ardeche River. As a tourist spot and a natural monument, the arch is a popular site to pass through while kayaking.

Pont D’arc, France

Image Source: www.ardechois-camping.com


4 Moon hill, Yangzhou China

Among all the amazing natural arches in the world, this is considered as the most beautiful. Like the Fairy Bridge, this is also made up of limestone karst but is a land arch connecting two hill tops. It is located in the Yangzhou region of Guangxi in China and is popular for its spectacular views of the region.

Moon hill, Yangzhou China

Image Source: www.instela.com


5 The Azure Window,Gozo, Malta

The Azure Window is a stunning sight on the island of Gozo in Malta. The azure waters of the Mediterranean below make it all the more spectacular. What most people don’t recall is that the bridge formed the backdrop of movies like Clash of The Titans and Count of Monte Cristo.

The Azure Window,Gozo, Malta

Image Source: www.hans-toman.de


6 Lexington Arc,Nevada

Lexington Arc is a beautiful limestone arch towering above Lexington Canyon in the great Basin National park, Nevada USA. The elevation is quite high almost spanning 6 stories and makes a great hiking trail. The arch continues to be reshaped by weathering and is one of the most beautiful arches in the country.

Lexington Arc,Nevada

Image Source: www.answcdn.com


7 Shipton’s Arch Xinjiang, China

The Guinness world record holder as the highest natural arch in the world, this is one imposing and gigantic natural bridge which is a must see. It is located in Artush Village in Xinjiang province of China. Although spanning 65 meters long, it’s height is roughly the same as the Empire State Building at 1200 feet. It was popularized in the west by famous mountaineer Eric Shipton who visited the area in 1947. Hence the name!

Shipton’s Arch Xinjiang, China

Image Source: www.wikimapia.org


8 Durdle Door Arch, Dorset, England

The Durdle Door is a natural arch made form limestone and stands pretty as a picture on a private island in Dorset. Complimented by the beautiful waters of the Jurassic coast, the Durdle Door is also open to visitors as a tourist attraction. The landmark makes for the perfect arrangement if you need to travel with dogs or are simply going down with your family for the weekend.

Durdle Door Arch, Dorset, England

Image Source: www.photographers-resource.co.uk

9 Hazarchishma, Afghanistan

The 12th largest natural arch in the world, Hazarchishma in Afghanistan is 64.2 meters long and stands 10,000 feet above sea level,high in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Located in Bamiyan Province of Afghanistan it was discovered fairly recently in 2010.

Hazarchishma, Afghanistan

Image Source: www.naturalarches.org

10 Aloba Arch Chad, Sahara Desert

The Aloba Arch is considered as one of the grandest natural arches in the world. Spanning 76m, it is part of the Ennedi mountain range and located in the Sahara desert in the African country of Chad. It towers at a height of 122 meters and qualifies as one of the highest and most amazing natural arches of the world

Aloba Arch Chad, Sahara Desert

Image Source: www.naturalarches.org


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