Some of the world’s coolest vacation spots you should visit


Whether you are looking to live on your private island for a few days or live in your privately owned plane , there is something for everyone in these innovative vacation spots. You like the seclusion of nature you say why not try the Desert Olive Farm in Meitar, Israel. Dating back to the ancient Jewish period the farm comes complete with streams and a natural water reserve. The farm comes with little Tip is where you can live in the center of all the action.

1 Rent Out Your Airplane Apartment For Your Next Vacation

Those who love to travel might want to check out this 11 wide body jet fully equipped with WI-FI that comes with two full kitchens, bedrooms, a living room and eight small bathrooms. The Dutch Airplane carrier KLM has partnered with Airbnb to offer a special promotion from November 28 to November 30, 2014 for these three nights. Though this is said to be a one time, promotion chances are there will be more to come. There are a few simple rules that are required while vacationing in your airplane apartment. Some examples of the rules are there is to be no smoking when the smoking sign is on, water the fish and plants, no alcohol whatsoever, and of course no flying.

Rent Out Your Airplane Apartment For Your Next Vacation

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