A Small Community In Denmark Lives In Surreal Beautiful Circle Garden Cities

If we ask you to picture a housing community, what do you imagine? Rows and rows of houses and roads that get congested over time? We will forgive you for thinking that as it is the basic housing community design that is followed by the entire world. But, there are places that have adopted a different design which is quite unique.


This design was seen in Denmark and the photos of this unique community went viral over the Internet and have begun debates on how we can better improve our communities?

1Ever-changing landscape

The world is overpopulated and yet there are so many cities in this world that leave us speechless. Speechless because of how well they are planned and what they bring to the table. It’s not just tall concrete buildings where people live. Some places are trying to make a difference by changing the whole idea of what a city should look like.


Image Source: www.worldatlas.com

2Brøndby Garden City

How often do satellites and aerial pictures of a city leave you speechless? Take a look at Brøndby Haveby or Brøndby Garden City which is located right outside Copenhagen, Denmark. Since the images went viral this place is being called the ‘garden city’. Instead of going for the usual approach to buildings they went for a unique approach in a circular fashion.


Image Source: redd.it

3Other places vs this one

If you take a look at other communities, townships, and cities you will see a recurring feature, everything is congested. There isn’t much space because those places were built to house as many people as possible. But, this garden city was built to make a better place to live. It was not designed to cram people in.


Image Source: notbinary.co.uk

4What do you get by living here?

This is the best part about these garden cities, the things you get here. You get a noise free-living environment, zero pollution, oxygen-rich air, and an all-over healthier living. This is because of how these communities are designed. Just look how beautiful this place looks. How well-organized each circle looks and how much greenery is around the homes.


Image Source: pinimg.com

5The living experience

Since this is located outside the main city, there is no noise or rush of the main city. It is a peaceful community where people who want to escape the noise and buzz of the cities can live in. The houses may look small but there are big enough for a family to fit comfortably. The environment is safe, clean and fresh.


Image Source: instagram.com


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