Relive History in Four Present Day Weird Historical Places


Do you want to explore something a bit more than the usual tourist spots? Read on and you may discover four more places to add to your list of must see locations. More than a trip to visit and explore, the weird feeling which one can have is there while exploring these places which have been abandoned by civilizations for many reasons; either by some disaster or event.

1 Maunsell Forts built by forces during World War are still showing signs of War

British Forces have been too curious in building new yet exciting ways of defeating the enemy from their own baseline in World War 2. Building Maunsell Forts were also one of those strategies at that time, but now all they left are the source of a reminder that war is still ON. If you have not visited it yet, do it now to know more about it.

Maunsell Forts built by forces during World War are still showing signs of War

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2 Many don’t know as the weather doesn’t want them to

Rakshire Temple is one of the beauties of the time, which was built in Old Russia in the 19th century by the old Pure Russian belt. As it is situated in one of the places of Russia, where the weather is worst then normally expected in the presence of snow. The temple is situated in Aksay, Russia, which is open for the people who have an urge to travel and visit. The Place is entirely surrounded by the mountains so the only way to go there is on your feet. This trip could be more than just a desire to see something beautiful and unique. Though the transport is available for much closer location, but still adventure is on and waiting.

Many don't know as the weather doesn't want them to

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3 Bulgarian Communist Party’s Headquarters in Mount Buzludzha

Never heard of anything unusual about Bulgaria but here it is something which will urge every part of you to visit the place personally in your sunniest visit. Yes, it is the house of the political active party in Bulgaria which build it for the sole purpose of making and considering it as a party headquarters. The Communist party built this beautiful place in Mount Buzludzha but unfortunately the place converted into one of the abandon places as the party lost grip on the greater aspect of their mission which was holding country.

Bulgarian Communist Party's Headquarters in Mount Buzludzha

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4 Moscow still holds traces of War

Russia is one of the country which still considered under after effects of World War which happened decades ago. Still, there are thing which not only effecting the growth of the country, but also resulting in the division issues. Same traces include an abandon Rocket factory which was closed and sealed years back, but still holds some of the unfinished pieces to the collection of people who love to have snaps from history.

Moscow still holds traces of War

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