12 Reasons Why Most Tourists Always Get Disappointed By Paris

9Urinals located in the central streets

You’ll be shocked by the number of public urinals located all around the main streets or squares! They all mushroomed in 2018 to keep the city clean. Also, they are open and widespread which drastically reduces the charm of the city; the historical urinal plans were far more strategic and better.


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10There is a lot of trash in Paris

Paris is dirty. Even the central street, the main squares, the grand boulevards are all lined with heaps of trash bags and overflowing garbage bins which no one seems to remove. The only choice being a visitor is to ignore them and if you really can’t, then stroll around the city early in the mornings when the city is thoroughly cleaned.


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11Feeling unsafe

Paris is full of nagging immigrants and people from other nationalities who will plague you to buy trinkets and junk from them and get pissed off you don’t buy from them. Also, there are certain areas where you should never venture too like North and East Railways stations and Saint-Denis. You should leave the beaten path and visit the old aristocratic districts of Paris like Temple, Hotel De Ville, Luxembourg, Palais Bourbon and Passy.


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12Paris syndrome and failed expectations

Many travellers agree that Paris is not the most hospitable city and the staff are not helpful and sometime rude. This creates the Paris Syndrome- tourists come with high hopes and expectations from the city and inhabitants but get scarred badly. This condition was first diagnosed in 1986 by Japanese psychologist Hiroaki Ota as Japanese tourists were badly affected and who no longer wanted to meet any unwelcoming French.


But still Paris is a city with great history and tradition and its own unique gastronomic cultures. So, try to overlook or be prepared about these hurdles and experience this city once.

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