12 Reasons Why Most Tourists Always Get Disappointed By Paris

5Some sights were either removed or are being renovated

The magnificent lovers point Les Pont Des Arts where lovers famously put a lock of love on it and had over the years accumulated thousands of locks which became a sight in itself. The weight of the locks was nearly 45 tons and had the danger of falling, so in 2015 the city decided to remove all the locks leaving a few as a reminder to show what it was supposed to look like, which is another disappointment for the visitors who wanted see it covered with locks.


Image Source: peopledaily.com.cn

6There are few places where people speak English

The French can understand and speak English perfectly but somehow they refuse to speak it in most cases. In some places even if they speak, you won’t understand a word they speak due to their accent. You also may find eateries with menus that feature no English at all.


Do try to speak English, some might respond back. If they do not, download an English French dictionary on your phone. Better still learn a few common phrases which will help you make a rapport with the locals and when they see you are making an effort, they may help you in every possible way.

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7The servings in restaurants are small and the food is expensive

Food portions in French restaurants are really small and super expensive. It’s better to pack a picnic basket with baguettes, cheese, and wine. Also, restaurants serve a daily special which is cheaper. Do not go to cafes located near famous landmarks as they would be costly. Also, you can find cheaper places to eat near educational districts like Sorbonne, since it’s a student’s area and reasonable in price.

Image Source: wiemy.to


8Broken dreams about photos in empty places

Forget about a romantic picture with a serene background and only you and the real Paris behind you. It only happens in movies. All the spots in Paris are crowded like sardines all the time, be it Notre Dame, Louvre or Eiffel tower. If you want to a few good photos get up at crack of dawn and rush to your spots which are relatively empty in early hours or very late evenings. Trust me this sacrifice would be worth a lifetime.

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