12 Reasons Why Most Tourists Always Get Disappointed By Paris

Well there is a world-famous phrase” to see Paris and Die” which literally meant that until you have visited this city of light there is something incomplete in your life. Now the tables have turned completely. Modern-day visitors are so frustrated and disappointed after visiting this famous city that regret making the decision to visit it. Many say that Paris is nothing like they anticipated through the books and movies and poetries they have been subjected to over the centuries and are left flabbergasted to see the city in shambles. Here are the top 11 reasons tourist are disappointed with Paris.


1 Long lines to the Eiffel Tower observation deck and matted grass on the lawn

Every tourist who plans to visit Paris will go to see the Eiffel Tower and especially to the observation deck to see the panoramic view of the whole city. This is where the first hurdle comes; you come across a huge line of fellow tourists lined up for a security check resembling an airport check that takes a huge amount of your time. Relaxing on the soft green lawns around the tower but here too the lawn’s perimeters are surrounded with fences in case of demonstrations etc. The lawns are not as soft and lush as imagined but matted and with bald patches all around.

It is better to see the iconic building from a distance in Montmartre district and climb the Sacre coeur stairs which would give you an equally fantastic view of the city.


Image Source: yaplakal.com

2Huge crowds at the Louvre entrance

The second most popular tourist spot is, of course, the Louvre museum, with the same annoying lines of tourists to get an entrance ticket. You end up standing in the line for hours too exhausted to really enjoy the art once inside the gallery. Book tickets in advance online, or from the local newsstands which are scattered all across the city. You can get into any museum without any line through a shopping mall called Carrousal du Louvre. In La Civette Du Carrousel, Just follow the signs to the front of the inverted pyramid and swiftly get into the underground hall ticket windows.


Image Source: brightside.me

3Crowds trying to take a photo of the Mona Lisa and there are glares on the glass

It is almost impossible to get a close-up picture of the iconic painting as you can’t weave through the huge crowd surrounding it. When you do reach close enough, you’ll find there is a protective glass on the painting which won’t allow you to take a picture! The painting, in reality, is small and you cannot really enjoy the masterpiece.


News flash! Louvre doesn’t have just Mona Lisa to drool upon but a huge collection of world-class masterpieces from all over the world which you can appreciate because they are easier to approach, beside the museum itself is itself a work of art with its grand ceilings, interiors and mind-blowing views from the windows with comfortable benches to experience Louvre in real sense.

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4Real French women don’t look anything like the ones they show in films

Real French woman do not look like bond bombshells. That’s basically a Hollywood version of tall, mysterious, beautiful leggy lasses with secrets and beret of course. Lady tourists get the shock of their life when they encounter real French women who look plain, with no makeup and manicure!

Like everywhere French women live an ordinary life with same sorts of struggles and grinds of the day, they are mature and working and are not fixated on beauty. But as soon as they hit 50 they starts wearing elegant clothes, makeup and are stunning which motivates all the women who think life is over after 40.


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