Prepare your passport and be hungry for more – Best cities for foodies


If you are the ultimate gastronome and food fan and you are always willing to taste something new, you probably will love this list. The cities where you can try the most diverse, unusual and most delicious food are waiting for you. Prepare your passport and be hungry for more.

1 Honolulu, USA

The first thought for Hawaii are usually images of a tropical island paradise but, one of the real treats here is the food. Hawaiian cuisine is a unique mix of dishes from Asia and many different Pacific island cultures. Some local favorites are Lau Lau (pork chicken or vegetables steamed in a pouch of ti leaves), Lomi Salmon, Butter fish, Poke (a raw ahi tuna salad) and Poi (a dish made with mashed taro). But the crowned jewel of Hawaiian cuisine is Kalua Pork, cooked in an underground oven called an imu all day long, it is usually the centerpiece of any luau. One great way to take in the gastronomical delights of the city is to take in a restaurant tour by Hawaii Food.

Honolulu, USA

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