15 Very Popular Tourist Attractions that Are No Longer Open to the Public


This one is another sad story of human idiocy. This rock formation in Oregon is a popular tourist attraction or was until August 29th, 2016. A group of people got through the fence and vandalized the natural monument. They did this because apparently, a friend of theirs had apparently broken their leg there earlier.  The rock no longer exists in its earlier form.

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12Sutro Baths

The world’s largest indoor swimming complex, the Sutro Baths, opened to the public on March 14, 1896. It was built by millionaire and then mayor of San Francisco Adolph Sutro. After his death, his successors sold it off, but no one could turn it into a profit. The Great Depression, stricter health codes and reduction in public transportation caused the attraction to fail economically. It shut down in 1966 and soon was ravaged by a suspicious fire. The ruins are still visited by many.

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This amusement park in Budapest, Hungary has been there for 175 years! It has survived WW2 bombings, fires, communist movements, and even multiple redesigns. However, season attendance has dropped from 2.7 million in the 1970s to fewer than 300,000 in 2012. It shut down permanently in October 2013. Some of the rides, like the Hullámvasút wooden roller coaster, built in1922, a cave railway from 1912 and a carousel from 1906 will be preserved for their historic significance.

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14 The Original Penn Station

Completed in 1910, it was a bustling hub of activity in New York City. It was inspired by the Acropolis, the Brandenburg Gate, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Roman Baths and the Bank of England. However, as air travel became more popular, the company struggled to stay afloat. They sold the airspace to a local real estate company in 1954. Locals protested the plans to build a stadium, but to no avail. It was demolished in October 1963.

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15The Great Wall of China

Surprised to see this on the list? This is not yet closed to the public but may very soon be. People leave garbage, draw graffiti on the walls and try to break off pieces to take home as memorabilia. Also, the amount and volume of tourists, is making the wall weak which is primarily built for defense. The Colosseum, the Dead Sea, and Venice are also in a similar situation of being closed for tourists soon.

Image Source: acdn.no

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