15 Very Popular Tourist Attractions that Are No Longer Open to the Public

6Nohmul Pyramid

In this heartbreaking instance of human ignorance, a 2300-year-old Mayan pyramid in Belize was destroyed in 2013. The DeMar’s Stone Company used bulldozers to crush the pyramid. The limestone obtained was used to fill roads in a nearby town. After an investigation, two of the company’s managing directors, the foreman, and the excavator driver were punished with heavy fines.

Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

7Cave of Altamira

Caves are a delicate blend of different minerals and chemicals. This cave in Spain had some exquisite paintings on it. However, tourists had damaged it just by their presence. The water vapor and carbon dioxide released by people caused the paintings to get moldy. In 2001 a replica cave was created for tourists to view. The original cave was closed in 2002.

Image Source: novi.ba

8Coral on Christmas Island

As can be seen in the picture, the corals were alive and beautiful in 2015. Within just 10 months, in the picture taken in 2016, we can see how badly the corals have degraded. 90 percent of the reef was destroyed by the heat stress caused by climate change. Some corals died while others were bleached. Australia is known to face some of the harshest effects of climate change.

Image Source: novi.ba

9Pont des Arts

It was a 2006 Italian book and movie which started the tradition. By 2008, this bridge in Paris saw hundreds of couples carving their initials onto a lock, fastening it on the bridge and throwing the key into the river Seine. By 2012, there were 700,000 locks, weighing 45 tones, causing authorities to wonder about the effect on the bridge and the Seine. Recently, the locks were taken off and replaced with glass panels.

Image Source: www.tycicoo.cz

10Reef on the Raja Ampat Islands

This spot in Indonesia is very popular among divers, with some gorgeous reefs. Sadly, in 2017 it was found that over 1600 square meters of the coral reef was destroyed due to cruise ships. The damage was estimated to be around $18.6 million.  It will take decades for the reef to recover and it may even not.

Image Source: nanmalgyi.com

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